UFC 103 vs Mayweather-Marquez

UFC 103 vs Mayweather-Marquez, The Day That Was

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Last September 20, two sporting events were staged in the US. One is UFC 103 headlining Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort and another is the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs Juan Manuel Marquez boxing match.


Being a big sports fan and a person trying to make extra money online, I made posts about those events prior to them happening and SEOd them. As expected, this web site had a traffic spike on September 20 as people arrived here looking for information about the events.

The next day, I checked my statistics and found out that 37,723 unique visitors came here. This is the second-highest visitor turnout I got in one day.

Between UFC 103 and Mayweather vs Marquez, who brought the most traffic to this web site?

Here are my top 25 keywords (in alphabetical order) that led people coming from the search engines here:

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You will notice that of the 25, 19 were UFC 103-related.

In content performance, this UFC 103 post got 15,503 unique visitors while this Mayweather vs Marquez post got 9,640 of its own as the table below clearly shows.

The keyword and content performance data states that it is UFC 103 who generated more traffic to this site than the Mayweather vs Marquez bout. Even though I posted the latter 4 days ahead of the former, more people made SEO posts about it that’s why I failed to stay at the first page of the SERPs.

Has this traffic generated some revenue?

Of course! On that day, I got $167.12 from Google Adsense, $25.93 from Chitika and $14.94 from Infolinks. That’s a total of $207.99 earnings which is close to my record-breaking $212.16 in one day! Unfortunately, my Google Analytics has been failing to track my Adsense earnings this past few days so I can’t really tell what generated the most revenue. Since UFC 103 brought the most traffic, I think it’s safe to assume that it was the one.

If you are still wondering how to attract traffic to your site and earn some extra cash, check out and download these SEO books that helped me make money online.

Next target:

UFC 105 and Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto on November 14, 2009.

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6 Responses to “UFC 103 vs Mayweather-Marquez, The Day That Was”

  1. bariles Says:

    Grabe ka Ark!

    You are the undisputed SEO King of South Central Mindanao!

    Mabuhay ka! Dapat mag-paseminar tayo dito sa GenSan on SEO!

    GO! gO! gO!


    ark Reply:

    I beg to disagree sir avel. Mas magaling si Gumer Liston. At siya ang anjan mismo sa GenSan.


  2. dilo Says:

    Almost P10k un sa peso anggaling nman. Paturo nman jan.


    ark Reply:

    Check mo ung mga ebooks on SEO na nasa link. Andun lahat ng gusto mong malaman.


  3. mike Says:

    ayos ito ark ah..naniniwala na talaga ako sa iyo na pwede kumita online…pero bobo kasi asko sa computers e, kailan ko rin kaya sisimulan ung akin?


    ark Reply:

    Haha, ikaw lang ang makakasagot nian. Sabi ko naman sa iyo, willing ako tumulong kung gusto mo.


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