Mayweather is #1 at Yahoo! Pound-for-Pound Rankings

Latest Yahoo! Pound-for-Pound Rankings Puts Floyd Mayweather, Jr. at #1

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In it’s September 24 pound-for-pound rankings, Yahoo! places Floyd “Pretty Boy” Mayweather, Jr. ahead of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

Mayweather’s beating of Marquez was the main reason.

According to Kevin Lole,

Mayweather expertly walked Marquez into shots. He used his blazing speed to pop off combinations that had ended before Marquez had even begun to react. And he used his phenomenal reflexes and exceptional ring savvy to hold Marquez to a ridiculously low 12 percent connect rate.

That’s true but I can’t believe how one win over a smaller man after 20 months of inactivity can put Mayweather ahead of Pacquiao who has been beating men larger than him in the likes of David Diaz, Oscar dela Hoya and Ricky Hatton.

It’s a little consolation that Mayweather beat Pacquiao by only 1 point, 266 to 265. I find it ironic though that in its own online poll, 74% of the fans believe that Pacquiao is still #1.

At Ring Magazine’s latest pound-for-pound rankings, Pacman is still at #1 while Pretty Boy is at #2. Ring Magazine is considered as “The Bible of Boxing” so I’ll consider its ranking more legitimate than that of Yahoo’s.

Here’s the complete pound-for-pound rankings from Yahoo! Sports.



1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Points: 266 (15 of 28 first-place votes)

Record: 40-0 (25 KOs)

Title: No title

Last outing: W12 over No. 6 Juan Manuel Marquez on Sept. 19

Previous ranking: Unranked

Up next: Nothing scheduled

Analysis: Was brilliant in one-sided beatdown



2. Manny Pacquiao

Points: 265 (13 of 28 first-place votes)

Record: 49-3-2 (37 KOs)

Title: Ring Magazine super lightweight champion

Last outing: TKO2 over Ricky Hatton on May 2

Previous ranking: 1

Up next: vs. No. 7 Miguel Cotto on Nov. 14

Analysis: A Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in 2010 could be the richest bout ever



3. Paul Williams

Points: 180

Record: 37-1 (27 KOs)

Title: Interim WBO junior middleweight champion

Last outing: W12 over Winky Wright on April 11

Previous ranking: 3

Up next: vs. Kelly Pavlik on Dec. 5

Analysis: Can fight and compete in three divisions simultaneously?



4. (tie) Bernard Hopkins

Points: 155

Record: 49-5-1 (32 KOs)

Title: Ring light heavyweight champion

Last outing: W12 over Kelly Pavlik on Oct. 18

Previous ranking: 4

Up next: TBA

Analysis: Trying but failing to land a significant fight



4. (tie) Shane Mosley

Points: 155

Record: 46-5 (39 KOs)

Title: WBA welterweight champion

Last outing: TKO9 over Antonio Margarito on Jan. 24

Previous ranking: 5

Up next: Welterweight unification fight with Andre Berto in January

Analysis: On outside looking in on Pacquiao, Mayweather sweepstakes



6. Juan Manuel Marquez

Points: 147

Record: 50-5-1 (37 KOs)

Title: WBA, WBO, Ring lightweight champion

Last outing: L12 to No. 1 Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Sept. 19

Previous ranking: 2

Up next: Nothing scheduled

Analysis: Had nothing to offer against Mayweather



7. Miguel Cotto

Points: 129

Record: 34-1 (27 KOs)

Title: WBO welterweight champion

Last outing: W12 over Joshua Clottey on June 13

Previous ranking: 6

Up next: vs. No. 1 Manny Pacquiao on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas

Analysis: Showed much moxie fighting for 10 rounds with deep gash above eye.



8. Chad Dawson

Points: 53

Record: 28-0 (17 KOs)

Title: IBF light heavyweight champion

Last outing: W12 over Antonio Tarver on May 9

Previous ranking: 7

Up next: Rematch with Glen Johnson on Nov. 7 in Hartford, Conn.

Analysis: Hopes to make statement with clear win over veteran Johnson



9. Juan Manuel Lopez

Points: 38

Record: 26-0 (24 KOs)

Title: WBO super bantamweight champion

Last outing: TKO9 Olivier Lontchi on June 27

Previous ranking: 10

Up next: Vs. Rogers Mtagwa on Oct. 10 in New York

Analysis: Fast climbing power-puncher



10. Wladimir Klitschko

Points: 35

Record: 53-3 (47 KOs)

Titles: IBF, WBO heavyweight champion

Last outing: TKO9 over Ruslan Chagaev on June 20

Previous ranking: NR

Up next: Nothing scheduled

Analysis: Recovering from surgery and won’t fight until early 2010

Others receiving votes: Ivan Calderon 31; Rafael Marquez 24; Arthur Abraham 20; Chris John, 11; Nonito Donaire 5; Timothy Bradley, Mikkel Kessler, Vitali Klitschko 4; Celestino Caballero 2; Hozumi Hasegawa 1.

Voting panel: Raul Alzaga, Primera Hora; Carlos Arias, Orange County Register; Ron Borges, Boston Herald; Steve Cofield, Yahoo! Sports; Dave Cokin, ESPN Radio 1100, Las Vegas; Brian Doogan, London Sunday Times; Andrew Eisele,; Scott Fyfe, Sunday Post, Scotland; Thomas Gerbasi,; Lee Groves,; Thomas Hauser, Seconds; Keith Idec, Herald News, New Jersey; Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports; Michael Katz, Gaming Today; Scott Mallon, Asian Boxing; Rich Marotta, KLAC-AM; David Mayo, Grand Rapids Press; Franklin McNeil, Newark Star Ledger; Gunnar Meinhardt, Die Welt; Robert Morales, Los Angeles Daily News; Kieran Mulvaney, Reuters; Santos Perez, Miami Herald; Martin Rogers, Yahoo! Sports; Tim Smith, New York Daily News; T.K. Stewart,; Paul Upham, Seconds; John Whisler, San Antonio Express-News; George Willis, New York Post.

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17 Responses to “Latest Yahoo! Pound-for-Pound Rankings Puts Floyd Mayweather, Jr. at #1”

  1. enad Says:

    ok lang yan. pacquiao still has more fans than he. kasi si pacquiao, he’s always testing the limit. si mayweather, sigurista


    ark Reply:

    Yap, medyo sigurista nga. Syempre gusto nia kasi na untarnished pa rin ang record nia eh.


  2. mike Says:

    i think yahoo gave more weight to mayweather being able to beat Marquez without a sweat while Pacquiao had a questionable draw and split-decision victory over Marquez…to the eyes of the judges,Mayweather is more worthy of the number one ranking…


    ark Reply:

    But still, I think one fight alone won’t make that much of a difference.


  3. Spoofs and Lies Says:

    i also disagree with the latest yahoo rankings.parang may daya eh. anyway opinion nila yan, wala na tayo magagawa.


    ark Reply:

    Eh mga amerikano halos lahat ng bomoto eh kaya may kaunting bias sa kapwa nila amerikano na si Mayweather.


  4. CarloBlogg Online 3.0 Says:

    ou naman, Pacquiao is still no. 1. Parang sumakto nga kasi natalo si Marquez kay Mayweather; pag natalo ni Pacquiao si Cotto, si Mayweather na malamang ang lulutuing bout. I just wish Pacquiao will return to “serious mode” in boxing; his better in boxing than on other “endeavors” (acting). Too many distractions will kill his career big time.


    ark Reply:

    In fairness naman with Manny, pag nasa training mode na siya eh talagang seryosong-seryoso. And he often delivers than not naman. Kaya pagbigyan na lang natin ung mga extra-curricular activities nia. Di naman siguro pwede na puro boxing na lang ang atupagin nia di ba?


  5. elmot Says:

    this ranking is ridiculous ark! as you wittingly pointed out, how can a man so big that had beaten a smaller foe be the number 1 when a small guy from Philippines has beaten up bigger opponents.

    Even the win of Floyd was boring and not splendid.

    This list is a crap


    ark Reply:

    I think the only thing crappy with this list is for the #1 and #2 spot. As for the others in the list, I think they all deserve their rankings.


  6. Selboy Says:

    the mayweather vs marquez bout is actually a mismatch. I consider floyd a cheater during that game especially that he did not give in to the weighing procedure during the fight day and besides, he was already too heavy even during the official weighing.

    Kaya for me Pacquiao is still the number 1


    ark Reply:

    I think its Mayweather’s speed that really factored into this fight. Not much on the weight. Although we can also point out that because Floyd is bigger, he had no difficulty absorbing much of Juan Manuel’s punches.


  7. bias killer Says:

    lol !!

    Don’t go overlooked in the votes because the majority of that votes are all Filipinos, yeah like texting capital of the world !

    Pacquiao beat all dehydrated boxer

    Mayweather fought de la hoya in 154 .. the true De la hoya ..
    Mayweather beat the undefeated Hatton with no sign of weakness
    Mayweather toying Marquez that gave 2times trouble to Pacquiao ..

    Mayweather is the real p4p king and ppv king !


    ark Reply:

    Actually, that online poll is done through voting on Yahoo’s web site and not through texting.

    Everytime Pacquiao defeats an opponent, haters try to discredit him by saying all the bad things about his opponents. I bet when he defeats Miguel Cotto, haters will say that Cotto still has not recovered from his bloody split-decision battle with Joshua Clottey.


  8. bias killer Says:

    they say mayweather win the fight because of the 2lbs weight advantage for not making the 144 but man what about de la hoya when he faced pacquiao did you imagined how many weight dela to lose.

    true p4p aren’t requesting for such crazy weight issue.

    mayweather fought dela hoya in 154 and pacquiao making 147. dela hoya kill herself in that night. yes the mind are strong but the body may suffer!

    why not fighting miguel cotto in 147 when miguel cotto is scary beast! 2lbs can weaken miguel
    and remember pacquiao last fight is 147 and dominated de la hoya why not for cotto ?
    mayweather is a natural featherweight like marquez and pacquiao is too big for the flyweight.


    ark Reply:

    I’m not trying to discredit Mayweather because I know its his speed that really factored into the fight and not much his weight advantage. He beat Marquez fair and square.

    When Pacquiao fought dela Hoya at 147 lbs, Pacquiao was coming from the 135 lbs division and dela Hoya at 154 lbs. Do you really think a guy can move to 154 from 135 and fight the 154 guy? Man, that would be crazy. Even at 147, dela Hoya was considered the favorite to win because he was still stronger and bigger. Pacquiao was the underdog.

    Why Manny won’t fight Cotto at 147 lbs? Its because he is one of the sport’s current top draw and therefore, can have some perks. Come on, give the man some credit. He has been fighting guys bigger than him this past 2 years and even at a catchweight of 145 lbs, Cotto is still bigger and stronger.

    If Manny wants to play it safe, then maybe he’ll just stay at the 140 lbs division, his natural weight class (not flyweight). He’ll surely make a killing at that division.


  9. neil brooks Says:

    great view I think the same


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