My Amateur Lens: Pacquiao Bobblehead

My Amateur Lens: Pacquiao Bobblehead

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When I visited Robinson’s Place GenSan’s soft opening last Wednesday, I dropped by the Team Pacquiao store owned by Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao and I was able to take a snap shot of this Pacman bobblehead doll.


This doll wearing a San Francisco Giants jersey and a Philippine flag shorts was first given to fans during the celebration of  Filipino Heritage Night at the AT&T Park San Francisco Giants Stadium on April 21, 2009.

On that night, Pacquiao was the guest of honor and threw the ceremonial first pitch. He was also the first boxer to be honored by a Major League Baseball team with a bobblehead doll.

Wanting one for myself, I inquired at the store how much each costs. Unfortunately, I was told that their stocks have not arrived yet from Manila due to Typhoon Ondoy and the ones they have are for display.


I hope Team Pacquiao still have one for me when I go back to GenSan this December.


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  2. Emil Jaranilla Says:

    Hi i really like the manny bobble head. Pls do visit my blog,. :) Thanks for sharing thoughts.


    ark Reply:

    Thanks for the visit as well. I sent you an email regarding ex-links.


    Emil Jaranilla Reply:

    Hi. i already put your url on my blogrol, thanks for the ex links. :)


    ark Reply:

    Did the same as well. Thank you.


  3. Haze Says:

    hi. nice site :-) i like your pacquiao pic. may i animate it?


    ark Reply:

    Sure. Please send me a link to the finished product as well.


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