Watch The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Episode 4

TUF 10 Episode 4: Snitch

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Watch TUF 10 Episode 4

On the next all-new Ultimate Fighter, Kimbo wants back in the Octagon,

“Somebody gets hurt in this competition and they need me, I’m here.”

Like when Big Marcus gets struck out, all eyes turn to Kimbo Slice.

“Tag me in, this is only the beginning for Kimbo Slice.”

So goes the cut in the preview video for The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Episode 4.

Kimbo Slice’s Team Rampage mate, Marcus Jones was stricken with flu and appears not being able to continue in the show.

After being beaten by Roy Nelson during their episode 3 match, Kimbo now has a chance to return to the Octagon as a possible replacement for Jones.

Rampage Jackson also seeks to stop his 3-game losing streak against Rashad Evans. The plot thickens when a traitor is discovered among Team Rashad’s midst.

Watch all the drama on the 4th episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights.

Here’s the TUF 10 Episode 4 video:

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