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The Best Uncontrollable Fits of Laughter Moments

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I don’t know the origin of the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine” but it really rings true.

All of us need a good laugh especially when we are stressed and when problems beset us. Laughter helps reduce stress hormones, lower our blood pressure and produce a general sense of well-being.

However, there are moments so funny that it will bring you into uncontrollable fits of laughter. I have here a compilation of videos gathered from YouTube of people who can’t stop laughing.

WARNING: The humor from the videos is so infectious that you might die from laughing so hard.

can’t stop laughing scenes from the TV show Help-A-Thon, a film taping, game show The Price Is Right and an NBC news…

Boemerang talk show host Erik Hartman lost his job because of this episode about medical failures where he laughed at the guest’s shrill voice…

news anchors while reporting a ramp model who tripped on her shoes…

a woman news anchor while reporting a weather forecast…

the bride can’t stop laughing when the groom accidentally pronounces “lawfully” as “wawfully”…

the late Michael Jackson (so cute)…

I know by now, you can’t stop laughing too. 😀

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2 Responses to “The Best Uncontrollable Fits of Laughter Moments”

  1. uromgemd Says:

    Nice compilation here. I couldn’t stop laughing myself after watching the videos. 😀


  2. sports Says:

    That is too funny. you are right I about died laughing.


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