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Saw VI, Most Gory Saw Film Ever

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Watch Saw 6 Online Free

The sixth installment in the Saw movie series will open in theaters this October 23, 2009.

Saw 6 promises to be more violent than the previous films and will contain more gruesome traps and twisted story lines.

The Saw 6 posters contain tag lines like “His Disease is Spreading”, “The Game comes Full Circle”, “Trust in Him…” and “He helped me.” which are intriguing in their own.

They will come into light when you watch the movie as Jigsaw’s overall scheme will finally be understood. Questions about characters, such as Jill Tuck and Lieutenant Mark Hoffman, will be answered.

There are also two new traps, the “Carousel Room” and “Steam Room”.

Cinematographer David Armstrong, says regarding the “Carousel Room”

It’s very carnival, playground-like. It’s just nasty. [There are] spinning red lights in there. It’s really overwhelming to walk in and look at because everything is spinning.

On the “Steam Room”

Probably the best looking SAW trap of them all. It’s big and expensive. It’s got furnaces, fires and steam. It’s multi-leveled. The most complex Saw. We had techno cranes flying through. It was pretty amazing.

You can watch Saw 6 online free here:


Saw VI is directed by Kevin Greutert and starring Shawnee Smith (The Grudge 3, Saw V), Tobin Bell (Boogeyman 2, Buried Alive), Betsy Russell (Chain Letter) and Costas Mandylor (The Rogue, Toxic, Immortally Yours).

Check out the Saw 6 movie trailers as well.

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    akala ko patay na c jigsaw?


    ark Reply:

    Yap, pero may mga apprentice siya na nagpapatuloy ng work nia.


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