Google Doodle Halloween 2009

Today’s Google Doodle: Halloween Candy Treat

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Since today is Halloween, Google is celebrating the holiday with a special doodle with their logo changed to one with a candy which looks like a jack-o-lantern.


Instead of the traditional “trick or treat”, Google has devised its own “click or treat” as upon clicking the logo, more candies appear.


Click the logo one more and it is now barely recognizable replaced by more candy treats.


After clicking the logo the third time, only wrappers are left behind as if someone has already eaten those treats. Click the logo one last time and you will be directed to Google’s search results page for the phrase “Halloween 2009”.

Google also embedded an easter egg into into its robots.txt file with the following code:

User-agent: Kids

Disallow: /tricks

Allow: /treats

Hmmm, those candy treats might be for kids but Google actually gave me a treat as well.

A $351.94 Adsense cashout is a treat right?


Our new baby says thanks for the nice treat Big G!

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  1. Kelvin Servigon Says:

    whoa, laki ng cash-out.. aus! 😀


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