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Funny Comments From My Spam Box

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Since this site was born on February 2009, my Akismet spam filter has been working overtime to catch those comment and pingback spams being left by some dimwits trying to advertise their web sites and their whatnots.

In fact, Akismet already caught 2,243 spams. Sometimes however, it incorrectly identifies a legitimate comment as spam. That is called a false positive. This is why from time to time, I check my spam box.

This day, I found time to check my spam box and I was pretty amazed how spammers have already evolved in their spamming techniques. If before, they just bombard you with comments full of links, now, their comments don’t look spammy anymore and could even pass up as legitimate.

Here are some examples:

I like this comment very much…

I almost approved this, haha…

This one even asks for a link exchange…

There is also a new type of spam comment that I encountered. This one is what I like to call as joke spam. The spammer will give a joke plus of course, a link to whatever it is they are selling.

Here are some examples:

I think some of them are actually amusing if not funny.

Maybe I should approve them to add some spice to this web site.

Oh wait, spams are one of the reasons why I was penalized by Google before.

I’ll be careful this time. I’m sorry guys, your jokes will remain in the spam box.

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6 Responses to “Funny Comments From My Spam Box”

  1. Sire Says:

    Yeah, I get a real kick out of spam, but nowhere near as much as when I spam them. This is a whole lot better than deletion and it makes akismet aware of their existence.


  2. Sheryl Loch Says:

    Ok, I must be lame. I have never gotten Joke Spam. I figure that seeing a joke would be much better than some of the comments I have had to look at.

    Then again when I need a laugh, I go to Sire’s blog to see what kind of poem or story he has come up with.;)


  3. Ana Chua Says:

    I used to work online. And guilty as charged… I was.. used to be.. well yea.. I was a spammer..:) Happy Holidays!


    ark Reply:

    Oh, I wonder how much they pay you to do that stuff.


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  5. sports Says:

    I love the hippy joke. To funny. I had to put it on my facebook.


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