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Today’s Google Doodle: Cookie Monster

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I remembered watching Sesame Street when I was still a kid.

Well, probably our parents too as the show will be celebrating its 40th year of providing fun and entertainment to children all over the world on November 10.

To honor the longest running children’s program on US television and its Muppets, Google has a doodle in store for them at their homepage.

It’s the Cookie Monster!

google sesame street cookie monster

Google’s two O’s are replaced by Cookie Monster’s eyes. Clicking on the doodle will direct you to the search results page for the phrase “Sesame Street”.

This is actually the second consecutive day that a Sesame Street character was featured as a doodle. Yesterday, it was Big Bird for the doodle.

Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street!

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5 Responses to “Today’s Google Doodle: Cookie Monster”

  1. Ianemv Says:

    Hala di ko na nakita ah..favorite ko pa naman Sesame Street. Thanks Big G for featuring this.

    Maka Cookie Monster and Elmo kasi ako.


    ark Reply:

    Di ko nga rin nakita si Big Bird eh. Favorite ko pa naman un, hehe.. 😀


  2. Sire Says:

    Yeah, Google is well known for jazzing up it’s logo for different occasions. I must admit that I haven’t come up against the Cookie Monster yet.


  3. Google Doodle Oscar the Grouch | Says:

    […] was Big Bird, then the Cookie Monster, yesterday it was Bert and Ernie, and today, it’s Oscar the […]

  4. Rae Macey Says:

    I love the Cookie Monster!


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