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Kobe Bryant And His $285,000 Black Mamba

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There are those famous enough to be known by a single name. People like Shaq, Madonna, Houdini and Shakespeare.

Add Kobe to that list. His full name is actually Kobe Bean Bryant but the mere mention of his first name will associate anyone to the LA Lakers superstar guard.

Why, he’s even more famous than his namesake, the prime Kobe beef that I wonder why he would even need a nickname.

Yes, he has one. It’s “The Black Mamba”. And it was Kobe who gave it to himself.

Wikipedia says that the Black Mamba is is the longest venomous snake in Africa and reputed to be the fastest moving snake in the world. It is also known for being very aggressive when threatened and will not hesitate to strike with deadly precision. Apparently, that best describes the play of Kobe.

He once welcomed reigning Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard to the NBA with pure aggression and delivered the final strike to the Orlando Magic’s heart in the 2009 NBA Finals and claim his 4th championship ring.

Kobe and the Black Mamba Watch

That nickname has even earned him another endorsement deal. This time, with watch company Nubeo.


The Black Mamba watch has four different versions.

The most expensive one, in reference to him capturing his first NBA Finals MVP award is this Black Mamba MVP watch.

The Black Mamba MVP watch features 48 baguette-cut, trapezium-shaped whiskey sapphire crystals on the bezel and outer ring and 72 round round, brilliant-cut natural black sapphire crystals on the dial counter; a total of 168 gems, at 10.98 carats. It is limited to only 24 pieces, a reference to Kobe’s jersey number.

So hurry up and go buy yourself one while supplies last.

If you have $285,000 that is.

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  1. webby Says:

    Nice watch!


    ark Reply:

    Yeah, but impossible to own as well.


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