Watch The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Episode 10

TUF 10 Episode 10: Gut Check

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Watch The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Episode 10

The screen shot above is from the preview video for The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Episode 10. It shows Jon Madsen lifting Brendan Schaub and is about to spike him to the ground! Wow, can Madsen survive that?

Incidentally, they are the two fighters facing each other in the second quarterfinal fight.

In the previous episode, Matt Mitrione was sent to the hospital as he complains of severe headaches and nausea as a result of his match with Scott Junk in Episode 7. Dana White had an unannounced visit at the house and talks with Mitrione saying that the health and safety of each fighter is of the utmost importance.

When Mitrione says he is not sure if he can fight, all eyes turn again to Kimbo Slice returning as a substitute.

What I don’t understand is why is Kimbo automatically perceived as the replacement? How about the other fighters who lost? I bet they like to fight again as well.

Is Dana White and the UFC organization doing this to arouse viewer interest and resurrect the dropping ratings of the TV show after its record-breaking Episode 3?

By the way, what happened to those chickens Rampage put in Rashad’s car as a practical joke?

Watch all the drama on the 10th episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights.

Here’s the TUF 10 Episode 10 full video:

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