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TUF 10 Episode 11: Demise Me

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The coaches challenge in the previous episode is supposed to be a much needed breather from all the tension between the opposing coaches, Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans.

But after the very competitive volleyball game between Rampage-Tiki Ghosn and Rashad – Mike Van Arsdale which was ultimately won by Team Rashad 15-13 in the 3rd set, clash of egos arise again after Rashad offered his prize money to Rampage’s players.

We also see Matt Mitrione saying that he is being pressured to fight which led Rashad to call on UFC President Dana White about the situation. White then visited the house and proceeded to give a lecture about being 100% ready to fight and that no one is forcing the fighters to fight.

Kimbo Slice is now being dressed-up to replace Mitrione if the latter backs out in his quarterfinal match against James McSweeney. Will he fight or will he not?

In the preview video for episode 11, we see Marcus Jones jawing on Mitrione saying “Hit me bitch, hit me.” Why do you think?

The two remaining quarterfinal matches will also be shown:

James McSweeney vs. Matt Mitrione/Kimbo Slice

Marcus Jones vs. Darrill Schoonover

Watch all the drama on The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Episode 11.

Here is the TUF 10 Episode 11 video:

Check out Episode 12 for the semifinal matches.

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26 Responses to “TUF 10 Episode 11: Demise Me”

  1. UFC fan Says:

    LF episode 11 !!


  2. Viktor Says:

    Cant wait to see this lol, hope Jones fucks him up.


  3. RupturedLung Says:


    Nelson vs Schaub final

    big baby KO’s titties then loses to schaub

    mcsweeney defeated by roy


    ark Reply:

    Hmmm… Really?

    Was this episode already leaked somewhere?


  4. UFC!!! Says:

    Word up!


  5. mini-me Says:

    I hate it when someone spoils it!


  6. RapturedLung Says:

    you didnt have to carry on reading and yes it was aired in Austrailia :(


  7. OrderedChaos Says:

    Sorry but if its recorded in america and aired for them today then how did you see it in Australia?

    It is only going to be availiable to download early hours of this morning or perhaps tomorrow.

    Also you didnt type enough for a heads up not to read the outcomes you douche


  8. Watch The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Episode 12 | Says:

    […] That’s what Dana White himself told Kimbo in the previous TUF 10 Episode 11. […]

  9. OrderedChaos Says:

    Tell you what could you possibly re watch the two hours special.

    As it starts could you write down every single word said through out.

    I mean you might aswell over kill the fact we now know the results.

    While your there could you bake your testicles in the oven. Attached or unattached your choice but max cooking heat please


  10. Ash Says:

    What is this bullshit? Where’s the episode, its not in this chinese shit at all.


  11. John Says:

    Link down! Plz up again! Thank you!


    ark Reply:

    It’s up now. Previous link was deleted.


  12. RapturedLung Says:

    Did i not tell you it was shown in Australia.


    ark Reply:



  13. JB Says:

    Link is still down. Hitting play only plays the rutube logo then stops.


    ark Reply:

    If you are using IE browser that is.


  14. Ash Says:

    no this doesnt work either, it is just an animated logo for rutube.

    Come on guy, I NEED this!

    hahaha I need you to come through on this brothe.


    ark Reply:

    You’re still primitive to be using Internet Explorer eh? Besides, are you paying me to provide the video for you? I hope next time, you watch the episode on TV.


  15. P Says:

    Umm…those videos only play a commercial??


    ark Reply:

    Please use Mozilla Firefox and your problem is solved.


  16. john Says:

    focus… hocus pocus…, then hug. that guy = moron


  17. Vince Says:

    Grow up guys. If you cant see the video here, go look for it somewhere. No need to diss this man.


  18. Ash Says:

    I think you’re being overly sensitive. I wasn’t dissing you, there’s no way I would diss you EVER, you have provided me with nearly every episode of my favourite show, I have a fuckin shrine to worship your brilliance.

    I use Google Chrome, the videos dont work either, and I cant watch the show on tv because I live in China.

    I appreciate what you do, but if I cant see the video, in my desperation I will inquire about it, don’t take it as a diss.


    ark Reply:

    Yeah right, whatever.


  19. Ash Says:

    Eat a dick then pussy cunt


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