McDonald's Coca-Cola Contour Glasses

McDonald’s Coca-Cola Contour Glasses (2009)

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All of us are very familiar with the contour shape of Coca-Cola’s bottle. The Coca-Cola contour bottle is in fact one of the most recognizable cultural icons in the world.

We might even say, “Wow, Coca-Cola body!” for someone who has a sexy figure.

Here in the Philippines, for a limited period of time this November 2009; Coca-Cola has partnered with fast-food chain McDonald’s to produce a new limited edition contour glasses of six different colors developed from the contour bottle.

The colors are Pink, Green, Blue, Lime, Charcoal and Purple.

I’m glad I was able to complete the set. This is the second McDonald’s set I was able to complete after the Ice Age 3 Happy Meal action figures.

Get a colored Coca-Cola Contour Glass by adding PhP 25 to any value meal. Offer does not apply to Php 50 McSaver Meals.

Hurry now until promo ends this November 30, 2009 or until supplies last!

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8 Responses to “McDonald’s Coca-Cola Contour Glasses (2009)”

  1. Paula Says:

    I remember we got two last year but we just broke it. LOL!


    ark Reply:

    These glasses were released just this year. You must be talking of the Olympic edition contour glasses.

    It’s sad hearing your story though.


  2. dimaks Says:

    we got 3 right now, color smoke for me, pink for the wifey and blue for the kiddo hehe. sana makumpleto ko, ang sarap hawakan pag umiinom, sexy in the grip and stable.


    ark Reply:

    Haha, dapat kumpletuhin mo un.


    T Reply:

    COCA – COLA FIFA GLASSES (glass not plastic)
    ₱ 40 or ₱ 300 or ₱ 1,080 or ₱ 1,440

    1 glass : ₱ 40

    set price: ₱ 300 (6 of each color)

    a. 1 box price: ₱ 1,080 (36 glasses) –> 1 color only

    b. 1 box price: ₱ 1,440 (36 glasses) –> different colors

    colors available:

    These Coca-Cola Fifa glasses could serve as Christmas gifts or giveaways.


  3. Kerslyn Says:

    hay dalawa lang talaga na-collect ko. d na nadagdagan hanggang sa natapos nalang ang promo period.


  4. sports Says:

    We didn’t get them here. I wish they did, I would have liked a set as well.


    ark Reply:

    I think these was releases internationally. You must have missed them.


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