Watch The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Episode 12

TUF 10 Episode 12: Battle Tested

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Something was definitely wrong with Kimbo Slice’s knee. Guess what? He has arthritis.

That’s what Dana White himself told Kimbo in the previous TUF 10 Episode 11.

That means one thing guys, Kimbo is officially out of The Ultimate Fighter contention. He will however fight Houston Alexander in the season finale as one of the undercards. Oops.

After James McSweeney defeated Matt Mitrione in the 1st Round via guillotine choke and Marcus Jones KOd Darrill Schoonover in the 1st Round of their respective quarterfinal matches, here are the semifinal matches:

Roy Nelson vs. James McSweeney

Marcus Jones vs. Brendan Schaub

The winner will ultimately decide who will fight for the season finale on December 5, 2009.

Watch all the drama on The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Episode 12.

Here is the TUF 10 Episode 12 video:

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6 Responses to “TUF 10 Episode 12: Battle Tested”

  1. karl Says:

    hope you get it soon i need to know who wins lool


  2. karl Says:

    any idea when ep12 is goin on


  3. Mao Says:

    The Championship is near. bad thing d ako mkapag blog sa episodes d ko na subaybayan.. haha


  4. Rajeet Walia Says:

    where can i see this video?


    ark Reply:

    Here of course. Just be sure that you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser in order to watch it.


  5. Marcus Jones vs Matt Mitrione Video | Says:

    […] two had a confrontation during Episode 12 of TUF 10 when the emotional “Big Baby” Jones challenged Mitrione to hit him. This was after news […]

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