2010 Ball Drop Video

2010 Ball Drop at Times Square, New York City

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Ball Drop is a New Year’s eve tradition in New York, USA. In the past 100 years the “ball dropping” on top of One Times Square in New York City, broadcast to all of America (and rebroadcast in many other countries), is a major component of the New Year celebration.


The 11,875-pound (5,386 kg), 12-foot (3.7 m) diameter Waterford crystal ball located high above Times Square is lowered, starting at 11:59:00 PM and reaching the bottom of its tower 60 seconds later, at the stroke of midnight (12:00:00 AM). This is repeated in many towns and cities across the United States. From 1981 to 1988, New York City dropped an enlarged apple in recognition of its nickname. It is sometimes referred to as “the big apple” like the city itself; the custom derives from the time signal that used to be given at noon in harbors.

Here’s the 2010 ball drop video:


Happy New Year everybody!

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4 Responses to “2010 Ball Drop at Times Square, New York City”

  1. Today is 01.01.10 | Says:

    […] topic.People all over the world celebrated the coming of the new year in much joy and revelry. The ball has been dropped at Times Square in New York City, USA. Even Google has a special doodle to celebrate the […]

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  3. Pinay Mommy Says:

    Sana may ball dropping din sa Pinas. Mas safer ito compared to fireworks!


    ark Reply:

    Oo nga eh. Siguro pwede sa Mall of Asia, hehe..


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