Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley

Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley Up Next?

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Due to the January 12 Haiti earthquake, the Shane Mosley vs Andre Berto bout is now canceled.

Berto is an American of Haitian descent even fighting for Haiti in the 2004 Olympics and he is just simply mentally and physically exhausted due to the disaster that befell his native country.

Because of this drastic turn of events, all eyes are now focused on a possible bout which is greater than this one: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs Shane Mosley.

Negotiations for the Pacquiao vs Mayweather megabout suffered a downturn due to the Mayweather camp’s insistence for an Olympic-style drug testing for both fighters which Pacquiao refused. Manny Pacquiao has since moved on and accepted a tough fight against Ghanaian boxer and former welterweight champion Joshua Clottey.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. meanwhile is now left without an opponent. In waiting? Shane Mosley of course.

If you remember, in the post-fight ring interview when Mayweather defeated Juan Manuel Marquez in September, Mosley jumped into the ring with Bernard Hopkins and Max Kellerman and challenged Mayweather saying:

“Just want to get it on, that’s all.”


Now, I don’t know if that’s staged or not but Mayweather vs Mosley is a fight boxing fans really wanted to see.

While this one is not of the Pacquiao vs Mayweather epic proportion, a fight between the #2 and #3 ranked pound for pound fighters in the world is not bad either. Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer is reportedly already trying to put the fight on in a still undetermined date and location.

I hope there will be no more ducking and fooling around on this one.


UPDATE January 30, 2010: Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley have come to terms for a welterweight title bout on May 1 on HBO Pay-Per-View, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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16 Responses to “Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley Up Next?”

  1. Shane Mosley vs Andre Berto Fight is Off! | Says:

    […] it might have paved the way to another fight fans want to actually see, the Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley bout. If you like this post, please share using the buttons […]

  2. LIFE Moto Says:

    sayang at di natuloy ang match nila ni manny. i am sure magkikita din sila soon.


    ark Reply:

    I think so too. The buzz generated by Mayweather chickening out has entered the consciousness of the mainstream. Even non-boxing fans are now very eager to see the Pacquiao – Mayweather fight.


  3. Pinoy Big Blogger Says:

    This was a nice fight also floyd against shane..I would like to see floyd to be knock by shane..hhahaah


    ark Reply:

    Haha, I like to see that too. That should shut up Mayweather’s big mouth.


  4. dimaks Says:

    this is a match to behold.. oo nga dapat wala nang iwasan sa pagkakataong ito. and as LIFE moto indicated, sooner or later magkikita rin si Pacman at Mayweather.


    ark Reply:

    If Mayweather can defeat Mosley and Pacquiao defeat Joshua Clottey, the next logical step would be the two fighters facing each other.

    Pacquiao and Mayweather should throw aside their egos and pride and meet. It’s needed to revive the dying sports of boxing.


  5. Linkmoko Says:

    Well for manny Pacquiao it’s time to move on the drug testing issues will not make the fight happen between Pacquiao and mayweather. I think mayweather is just using the drug testing issue for not fighting pacquiao this so early. I think he’s reserving it for he’s last and final fight before he actaully retire.


    ark Reply:

    Hmmm, Manny Pacquiao as Mayweather’s final opponent? I don’t think that his plan. He wants to retire unbeaten and he will not risk it against Pacquiao. He is just afraid of Pacquiao, period.


  6. Tido Says:

    Mayweather vs Mosley is a go! They already reached terms to fight on May 1 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


    ark Reply:

    Yes finally. I don’t know what Mayweather’s camp offered to Mosley for him to agree to that “random” drug-testing bullshit!


  7. Mayweather-Mosley Says:

    Both Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley were bred to be fighters like a farmer’s prized horse. Both guys grew up with boxing gloves hanging from their crib ceilings. The debating can go on and on forever. The bottom line is neither guy is going to give you an inch – both fighters are relaxed in the ring, comfortable and fluid in such a way that it’s easy to believe boxing pumps through their veins in absence of blood. Mayweather vs Mosley im really looking forward to. Mayweather looked untouchable against the smaller Marquez and Mosley was awesome against Margarito. That fight was 18 months ago and previous to that Mosley looked ordinary against a washed up Mayorga. So is Shane still in top nick? I see Mosley starting fast using his jab to take the early rounds. Floyd usually starts slowly but will take control around round 5. The usual dropping of the shoulder and lightning counter punching will take Floyd home to a points victory and hopefully setting up the fight with Manny.


    ark Reply:

    Nice points you got here man.


  8. Mayweather vs Mosley Says:

    The Mayweather vs Mosley fight is expected to get over 3 million PPV sales and more than the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight. Mayweather the more defensive fighter is the People’s Choice but let’s not take for granted the skills of Mosley.

    Mosley has had big fights against dela Hoya, Margarito, Vargas and a lot more heavy punchers.

    Mayweather on the other hand who has the reputation of choosing Light Punchers has also great defense. But defense doesn’t make you win in boxing.

    I go for Mosley on May 1, 2010 on a UD win.

    So a Pacquiao vs Mosley is really possible?


    ark Reply:

    You forgot that aside from being a great defensive fighter, Mayweather is also an excellent counter-puncher.

    I would also love for Mosley to win but if he keeps repeatedly tagged by Mayweather’s counter every time he goes in, we’ll expect resumption of negotiations for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.


  9. Monetizing the Pacquiao vs Clottey Fight | Says:

    […] the meantime, I think I have to settle for the Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley […]

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