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Legion Movie Pits Man Against Angel

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After The Book of Eli, here comes another movie  that will try to put a stop to Avatar’s reign at the box office.


Legion is a movie involving an angel. Not exactly a “City of Angels” kind of movie but more like of the “Constantine” variety. Yes, this will be action-packed and features a fallen angel.

Paul Bettany stars as the fallen angel  Michael who leads a rat pack of strangers trying to protect a woman who might be the next Mary (Mother of Christ) from a horde of angels trying to wipe-out mankind.

Bettany has an unforgettable performance as Silas in The Da Vince Code so this movie will surely be an entertaining one as well.

Legion is directed and written by Scott Stewart and Peter Schink and will open on cinemas on January 22, 2010.

SYNOPSIS (from Wikipedia):

After God loses faith in humanity, the archangel Michael (Paul Bettany), who has become a fallen angel, is the only one standing between mankind and Armageddon. This time using angels to execute the Last Judgment, God’s wrath descends on Earth to exterminate the world’s population. In a desperate, last-chance gambit, Michael leads a group of strangers to a small New Mexico diner to protect a young waitress (Adrianne Palicki) who may be pregnant with Christ in his second coming.

Watch Legion movie video below. The latest Adobe Flash player must be installed on your browser for this to work. If you have a slow internet connection, I suggest that you switch to low quality. To watch Legion movie video uninterrupted, I suggest that you pause it and only play it when the status bar reaches the end.


Enjoy the movie before it gets taken down due to copyright issues. 😉

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8 Responses to “Legion Movie Pits Man Against Angel”

  1. James Moralde Says:

    Hey Ark, it’s been a while since I’ve been to your blog. Just had been kinda busy with something. :) I saw your comment at my blog and realized that I’ve missed reading your posts.

    So legion is showing tomorrow eh? This is one movie genre I love to watch. I love movies about angels, vampires, some particular ghosts, and tv shows like Ghost Whisperer, Smallville, Supernatural, Lost, Fallen, Vampire Diaries, etc. In my blog, I even express my thoughts once in a while about some movies like Eclipse and all of Stephenie’s Twilight series books.

    Paul Bettany is one good actor. I remember him playing the tennis player role in Wimbledon, a role in First Knight and a lot of other great movies. The last movies I watched were 2012 and New Moon. Legion would be the best next movie to watch (and on a weekend too).


    ark Reply:

    The last movies you watched were 2012 and New Moon. Hmmm, you have not seen Avatar yet?


  2. John Says:

    So excited to see this movie!


  3. Chandler Says:

    liked it.. nice story ..


    ark Reply:

    Most of the reviews and comments for the movie were negative. They find it too boring.


  4. Mary762 Says:

    Oh mAn tHe LeGiOn MoViE wAs Awsum! I lOve hOw ThE WhOlE StoRy WaS ToLd. I ThInK tHe MaIn GuY wAs HoT!!


  5. connie Says:

    Seen this already. Constantine is a whole lot better.


    ark Reply:

    I agree with you. Constantine brings more fire power with all the special effects and star power with Keanu Reeves.


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