Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 1 Online (so6e01)

Lost Season 6 Episode 1: LA X Part 1

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watch lost season 6 episode 1 (so6e01)

Considering that US President Barack Obama rescheduled his State of the Union Address just so it would not conflict with the Lost Final Season Premiere on February 2, 2010 means a lot to how important this TV show is to Americans.

Lost will have its premiere with a two-hour episode preceded by a one-hour clip show, entitled “Lost: Final Chapter”.

The first two episodes will be titled “LA X” as it deal with the aftermath of the detonation of the hydrogen bomb at the end of the previous episode, “The Incident”; in Season 5.

“LA X” introduces a new narrative device that replaces previously used devices, such as flashbacks, flash-forwards and time travel.

The plot of Episode 1 picks up immediately following the events at the conclusion of the fifth season finale and will reveal what happened after Juliet detonated the Jughead hydrogen bomb on the island in 1977.

Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 1 video below. It was aired on February 2, 2010:

Watch Lost Season Episode 2 online immediately after Episode 1 on February 2, 2010.

The Lost Season 6 finale will be aired on May 23, 2010.

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3 Responses to “Lost Season 6 Episode 1: LA X Part 1”

  1. Denna Hy Says:

    I am so sad that Lost is over. I can’t believe we are viewing the last episode tonight. What are we going to do each week. Josh Holloway is so attractive! Where can I see him in the next show? I am guessing there will be a movie deal now.


  2. Hans Says:

    It sucks rhat Lost is ending right now i will miss that show very much


  3. Hans Says:

    It is so sad that the finale of Lost is tonight.


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