Lebron/Dwight Howard McDonald's Super Bowl Ad

Lebron and Dwight Make Outrageous Dunks in McDonald’s Super Bowl XLIV Ad

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Lebron Dwight Howard McDonald's Commercial

There really is a twist to the remake of the classic McDonald’s “The Showdown” commercial between Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in 1993 as they fight over a Big Mac.

After the remake preview, I predicted that Lebron James and Dwight Howard will try to out stand each other in a dunking game instead of a shooting game.

Seems like I’m right on the money.

Check out the full Lebron James / Dwight Howard McDonald’s commercial below. It was broadcast before the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010.

I was disappointed at Larry Bird’s appearance at the end though. It should have been Michael Jordan asking the two if he can join them.

I just hope there will be a one-year-later sequel.

Check out Dockers Super Bowl XLIV ad as well.

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5 Responses to “Lebron and Dwight Make Outrageous Dunks in McDonald’s Super Bowl XLIV Ad”

  1. Dockers Super Bowl Ad | Says:

    […] out McDonad’s Super Bowl XLIV ad as well. […]

  2. Winziph Says:

    tama ka sir ark dapat si jordan nandun din : )


  3. garfield Says:

    I agree. Where’s MJ???


    ark Reply:

    I don’t know. Perhaps he is not a McDonald’s endorser anymore?


  4. michael smith Says:

    These guys are not shooters so McDonald’s did a great job portraying them with their strength. Good job! Funny video.


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