Top 100 Keywords That Brought Me Money

First Blogversary Report: Top 100 Keywords That Brought Me Money

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In monetizing one’s web site, knowing SEO (search engine optimization) is a great factor whether you can make money or not. In SEO, keywords are its lifeblood.

You should optimize your site in such a way that you appear in the SERPs (search engine results page) for certain keywords. Appearing in the search engine is not even enough. You should RANK HIGH. Getting that coveted top spot is the ultimate goal but appearing in the first page is not bad either.

When that happens, visitors will start to flock to your site and that stream of traffic will be the one who will bring you the money.

As a matter of fact, some “sizzling hoottt” keywords are the ones that helped me make my first $100 from Google adsense. Thanks Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili. 😉

Check out also this post I made when I optimized UFC 103 and Mayweather vs Marquez.

It’s also important to have the proper combination of ads offered to those visitors as well. Plastering ads all over your site will do you no good. But that’s for another post.

Tomorrow will be this site’s first blogversary and I think it’s time to share the top 100 keywords that brought me money from February 12, 2009 to January 31, 2010. Since I’m a big sports fan, most of the keywords here are related to boxing and mixed-martial arts.

I suggest that you write about something you are personally interested in. If you make blog posts about something just because they are the trending topics, you’ll lose your focus in the long run and writing becomes boring.

Here they are:

  1. ah1n1 symptoms
  2. anderson silva vs forrest griffin video
  3. bj penn vs diego sanchez video
  4. bj penn vs kenny florian video
  5. brock lesnar ufc 100 video
  6. brock lesnar vs frank mir ufc 100 video
  7. cotto vs pacquiao undercard
  8. couture vs vera video
  9. evans vs silva video
  10. fedor vs rogers video
  11. fedor vs. rogers video
  12. floyd mayweather vs marquez video
  13. hack photobucket
  14. hayden kho and katrina halili
  15. hayden kho and katrina halili scandal
  16. hayden kho scandal
  17. how to hack photobucket
  18. justin tv
  19. justin tv ufc 101
  20. katrina halili and hayden kho scandal
  21. katrina halili scandal
  22. kimbo slice knocked out
  23. kimbo slice vs houston alexander video
  24. kimbo slice vs roy nelson
  25. kimbo slice vs roy nelson video
  26. kimbo vs roy nelson video
  27. krista ranillo scandal
  28. lyoto machida vs shogun rua fight video
  29. lyoto machida vs shogun rua video
  30. machida vs shogun video
  31. marcus jones vs matt mitrione video
  32. maricar reyes
  33. maricar reyes scandal
  34. mayweather marquez 24 7 episode 4
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  38. mike brown vs jose aldo video
  39. nba free agent signings
  40. pacquiao cotto 24 7
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  50. penn vs sanchez video
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  52. rashad evans vs thiago silva video
  53. the ultimate fighter 10 episode 11
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  59. tito ortiz vs forrest griffin video
  60. tuf 10 episode 11
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Some of these keywords are searched all throughout the year and I still get visitors coming from the search engines because of them. You can try optimizing for some of them too and let me know how you fared.

Check out my next post if you want to know how much money I made from these keywords:

First Blogversary Report: My Total Earnings

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14 Responses to “First Blogversary Report: Top 100 Keywords That Brought Me Money”

  1. Ianemv Says:

    Kudos to you Ark. It was really a smashing year to you. Salamat din sa mga info na share mo sa akin and all of your readers. Tuloy tuloy lang ark


    ark Reply:

    Thanks yan. Sana nga magtuloy-tuloy pa ito. Marami pa ako keywords na gusto gawaan ng blog post. Dami ko backlog. Di ko nga lang masimulan dahil busy sa field work.


  2. Winziph Says:

    congrats sir ark, ang bilis mo talagang natutunan ang mga technique ah, from to the real thing astig. >.<


    ark Reply:

    Yes, I’m proud to say na self-help lang ako. I just read and read lots of other blogger’s posts and learned from them.


  3. CarloBlogg Online 3.0 Says:

    I agree, dapat wag magstick sa trending keywords maxado, para di maloose-focus 😀 (ganyan ako dati, haha) Ayos sir!
    Congrats sir Ark! mukang tuloy2x na tlga ang success mo sa blogging! Godbless! 😀


    ark Reply:

    However, it’s still important to write about current topics. Sila kasi minsan ang nagbibigay ng immediate traffic booster. Although temporary nga lang, traffic pa rin un.


  4. Rand Al Thor Says:

    Oh cool!

    Will share your blog with my friends who work on the development of Hope you don’t mind.


    ark Reply:

    Sure no problem. I just hope you’ll link to me.


  5. Janus Says:

    this is something to ponder ark. nice, been so long wala ka na pla sa! hehehe. congrats po.. diba taga cotabato ka?


    ark Reply:

    Yes I am. Di ba ikaw din?


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  7. Dondon Vizcayno Says:

    Congrats po sir! Sobrang inspiring ang inyong success story. More power sa rest of 2010!


    ark Reply:

    Salamat. You actually have a very nice site huh? Sharing tips and all that stuff. Keep it up!


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