How To Block Facebook Applications

How to Block Those Annoying Facebook Applications

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Why would I want to have a pillow or snowball fight with someone?

What will I do with these 14 gifts I received today? Or this heart? Or smile?

You uncovered an Ancient Vampiric Chest and you’re sharing the spoils with me?

Sorry, but no thanks. I don’t want to be your neighbor in Cafe World or join your Mafia either.

This is becoming so annoying.

Facebok before is just a simple social web site where you can post your pictures and give your friends an update about you and vice-versa. You can also establish new friendship with total strangers.

Today, Facbook is getting so complicated with its hundreds of useless applications. I have no problem with my friends using them. However, it becomes a problem with me if they are littering my Faceboo wall with those applications which are actually becoming spammy.

So, if you’re like me who wants their walls to be spam-free, you can actually block Facebook applications from appearing again on your wall.

First way:

1. At your wall, click on the name of the application that you want to block.

How To Block Facebook Applications

2. At the application’s page, click on Block Application in the left corner.

3. You will be prompted with the message below. Simply click on Block For You.

4. That Facebook application is now permanently blocked and will not appear on your wall anymore.

Second way:

1.At your wall, click Block App on the application that you want to block.

2. You will be directed to the page below. Just click on Block friends from posting on my wall.

3. That Facebook application is now permanently blocked and will not appear on your wall anymore.

For good measure, you can remove those applications ALREADY posted on you wall with these steps:

1. In the upper right corner of the application, click on Remove.

2. You will be prompted with the message below. Simply click on Delete.

3. That’s it! Your wall is now free from those annoying Facebook applications!

If you’re concerned that you might be hurting your friend’s feelings by blocking their gifts, etc, don’t worry, they will not know it as no message will be given to them that you have done so.

Good riddance!

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9 Responses to “How to Block Those Annoying Facebook Applications”

  1. norris Says:

    Nice put up! I ma annoyed by those as well.


  2. greeb Says:

    I admire what you have written here. I agree, those apps are already becoming a pain in the butt. It clutters my wall.


  3. melardenio Says:

    how about blocking your friend posting for something you don’t like sir ark?

    kasi padala ng padala ng Bible qoutes eh indi namna kami parehas ng pinaniniwalaan.

    tinanggal ko na lang sya sa friends list ko..

    pero sana meron ka din how-to about blocking only a friend posting nonsense post.


    ark Reply:

    You can actually do that with these steps:

    1. Go to your Account > Edit Friends

    2. from the list of your friends, just click the X button beside the name of that friend that you don’t want.

    He should now be removed from your list and can’t comment on your wall no more. I hope this helps.


  4. melardenio Says:

    opps…. i think I just remove the friend from the list..hahahhaha

    thanks for the post..maybe I’ll do a how to about this blog.but the problem is that…..

    Facebook updates every week..hahahhha


    ark Reply:

    Haha, I think you should still do it anyway.


  5. Miah Says:

    awts, ayaw mo mag join sa Mafia ko? hahahaha… well, guilty ko ani kay Mafia Addict ra ba kaau ko… lol…


    ark Reply:

    Hehe, mahurot lang akuang time ana. Dili na ko makablog.


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