Chuck Liddell Workout Video

Chuck Liddell and His Hot GF Likes to Workout in the Nude (NSFW)

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell is planning a comeback and would face Tito Ortiz at the season finale of TUF 11 on June 19, 2010.

In one of his workouts, he is seen with his girlfriend Heidi Northcott sweating it out in the gym wearing their birthday suits on.

Check out and see for yourself Chuck Liddell’s workout video:


You may not have noticed it but the shoes they are wearing are Reebok ZigTechs. Apparently, Reebok has masterminded this. Nice one. The Chuck Liddell workout video is already becoming viral.
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2 Responses to “Chuck Liddell and His Hot GF Likes to Workout in the Nude (NSFW)”

  1. Mon Says:

    hahaha. that’s interesting. at least they don’t have to worry getting sweats on their clothes.


    ark Reply:

    They should also wipe their workout machines clean with Lysol after every workout. It helps to avoid any fungal infection for other users. 😀


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