Rodney Stuckey Seizure Video

2009-10 NBA Season | Pistons’ Rodney Stuckey Collapses in Game vs the Cavs

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The Cavs are slowly gnawing at the Pistons’ 9-point half-time lead and Rip Hamilton and his teammates are becoming scared of the current number one team in the NBA.

But nothing’s more scary when late in the 3rd quarter, their point guard Rodney Stuckey slowly collapses in his chair after a timeout. He remained there for 12 minutes while a heart test was administered before being taken away to a clinic in a stretcher.

He missed two games early last season after experiencing a dizzy spell in a game against Boston. But he had not had a similar episode this 2009-10 NBA season until this Cavs – Pistons game.

After the game won  by the Cleveland Cavaliers 99-92, players from both teams met at center court to pray for Stuckey.

Lebron James said:

“Tonight was a game between Cleveland and Detroit, but when an instance like that happens, we all become one family. All our prayers are with Rodney Stuckey and his family.”

Here’s the Rodney Stuckey seizure video:


I hope this is just a simple case of dehydration and fatigue and Rodney Stuckey’s OK.

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