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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse | Official Movie Trailer

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All ye Twilight fans rejoice! The official movie trailer for the third installment of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer has just been released today by Summit Entertainment.

For the die-hard fans, this preview for Eclipse is the equivalent of Santa Claus giving them an early Christmas present.

For a casual observer like me, I see nothing new.

Bella Swan is still in danger. This girl’s really so pathetic.

She is still torn between her love for a pale vampire and a hairy werewolf.

Cheesy lines like: “I promise to love you every moment forever” and “You won’t have to change for me Bella, I’m in love with you” are still there to bring the “kilig factor”.

And girls/gays are again treated to a shirtless Jacob Black.

What, no Alice Cullen sneak peek?!

Just check out the official Eclipse movie trailer below:

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is scheduled for release on June 30, 2010.

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7 Responses to “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse | Official Movie Trailer”

  1. peter Says:

    When are they going to show a shirtless Edward Cullen?


    ark Reply:

    Haha, I don’t know.


  2. Jeff Says:

    hahhaha I did not really read the book. I just watch. but I also believe that she’s really pathetic. and I also don’t like the actress who portrayed Bella.


    ark Reply:

    Me too. She’s just so plain-looking.

    But then, maybe that’s why fans are endeared to their love story. An ordinary girl becomes the object of affection of two hot guys and boom! Fans follow what happens next.


  3. paul0 Says:

    LOL. i’m guessing you’re one of the twilight haters.


    ark Reply:

    Hehe, not really.


  4. James Moralde Says:

    I’ve read all 4 books. And I agree that Kristen Stewart falls short of the expected acting for Bella’s character. I’m particularly curious how she’s gonna handle Bella’s character in Breaking Dawn, which will certainly demand a lot of acting prowess. Sometimes I can imagine that girl, the Confessor in “The Legend of the Seeker” (if she were only younger), to be more fit for Bella’s role.


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