Pacquiao vs Clottey Video

Pacquiao Retains Welterweight Title Against Clottey!

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Pacquiao vs Clottey Video

The Cowboys Stadium, home of the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys and the biggest domed stadium in the world will be transformed into a boxing ring to accommodate 45,000 fans eager to see “The Event”.

“The Event” is a boxing event that top bills pound for pound king Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao in his first title defense of his WBO welterweight crown against Joshua “Grand Master” Clottey on March 13, 2010.

This bout was merely an afterthought after the negotiations of a possible megafight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd “Pretty Boy” Mayweather, Jr. failed. Due to the latter camp’s accusations of performance-enhancing drugs (PED) use by the former, the fight everyone wants to see did not materialize.

Joshua Clottey was immediately brought in to fill the void. Mayweather has also moved on to face “Sugar” Shane Mosley on May 1, 2010.

Filipino Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao (50-3-2, 37 KOs) has won titles in a record seven weight divisions from 112 to 147 pounds beating the likes of Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez, Oscar De La Hoya, Marco Antonio Barrera, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto and is on a 11-fight winning streak.

Meanwhile Joshua “Grand Master” Clottey (35-3, 20 KOs) of Ghana is a former IBF welterweight champio. He has beaten the likes of Diego Corrales and Zab Judah. His only losses were to Carlos Baldomir via disqualification, to a plaster-packed Antonio Margarito via unanimous decision and to Miguel Cotto via a controversial split decision.

Although Clottey is coming from a bloody loss via split decision to Miguel Cotto last June 13, 2009, he should not be taken lightly as many felt he should have won that bout. He gave Cotto all he got and even survived a bizarre incident in the 5th Round when he was tackled by Cotto during a clinch which sent him to the ground. Clottey was given a few minutes to recover and despite his hurt knee, he managed to continue.

Pacquiao is probably coming off the biggest win of his Hall of Fame career when he defeated a still in his prime and legitimate welterweight Miguel Cotto. At age 31, he is at the peak of his career and has shown no signs of slowing down. It seems we see a different dimension of him in each fight and he just progresses with age.

As with his fight with larger opponents, Pacquio’s hand speed and footwork will make the difference in this fight. Clottey might be stronger but if he can’t hit Pacquiao, his power will be nullified. Clottey is known for his stifling defense and will try to block everything Pacquiao throws. Then when Pacquiao stops, will launch his own offensive. I’m sure by that time, Pacquiao has already darted out of harm’s way before Clottey can even throw a punch.

If Pacquiao sticks to this plan, then Clottey is in for a frustrating night. He has no chance of winning. Unless of course he uses his potent weapon, a headbutt for which he is quite known for.

My fearless forecast?

I predict a knockout win by Pacquiao in the 10th Round.


UPDATE March 13, 2010: Manny Pacquiao won via unanimous decision 120-108, 119-109 and 119-109.

Here’s the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight video:


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33 Responses to “Pacquiao Retains Welterweight Title Against Clottey!”

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  4. bernabe Says:

    ayaw jud kumpyansa manny kay gahi pud na si clottey.


  5. Michael Says:

    Coach Freddie Roach predicts a 9th round KO by Manny Pacquiao. Yours is in 10 rounds. I think they’re both fairly safe predictions assuming Clottey can weather the early storm and survive until the latter rounds when Pacquiao’s tornado punches is already too much to bear for Clottey.

    I predict it’s over in 9th-10th round too.


    ark Reply:

    Clottey is a defensive-minded fighter. I think Manny will slowly work on his jabs until he finds a chink in Clottey’s armor. He will wear him out slowly. When Clottey is ripe for the picking, that’s when Pacquio will strike.


  6. amboy Says:

    It seems we see a different dimension of him in each fight and he just progresses with age.

    ^ true. clottey showed his excellent defense in his fight with cotto. pacquiao will expose his weakness this time.


  7. Winziph Says:

    i bet this will going to be an 8th or 9th round KO. kaso lang from what i heard from some boxing analyst baka sa umpisa palang eh maging aggressive na si clottey para magulat si pacquiao at mawala yung momentum niya. pero im sure hindi pasisindak yung pambato and hopefully hindi magbrownout sa inyo sir ark. hehehe


    ark Reply:

    Pag ginawa ni Clottey un, I’m sure siya ang mashoschock. Remember what happened with Hatton? Si Hatton ang very aggressive sa simula pa lang ng laban. And we all know what happened with that bout. 2nd round pa lang eh tulog na ung Briton.


    Winziph Reply:

    tama pag nangyari yun lugi na naman mga nag PPV hehehe : )


  8. Freddie Says:

    Every time Pacquiao fights, it doesn’t feel like a fight. It feels like a human sacrifice. You know he’s going to win. It’s just a matter of how soon the knockout will come.


  9. brownman Says:

    Ewan ko lang ha pero anlaki nung clottey. Nakakatakot ang itsura at antibay ng depensa. Sana di tayo paiiyakin nung mamang un.


    ianemv Reply:

    Ano itsura pa lang bato na ba? hehe.. Sana nga pero kahit papano positive ang outlook ko sa magiging laban nila :)


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  11. Winziph Says:

    Pacquiao Wins and I learn one thing from this fight. Hindi tayo pwedeng maging magaling na manghula hehe and daming nalugi sa pustahan kung anung round manaknock down eh hahaha :)


    ark Reply:

    At least masaya ang mga advertisers dahil umabot hanggang Round 12 ang laban.


  12. Bianca Says:

    Great performance by Pacquiao as always. It’s just that Clottey don’t want to engage.


  13. cain Says:

    they say the fight is boring. it’s clottey who should be blamed and not pacquiao.


  14. rex Says:

    Still, the only fighter who stood toe to toe with Pacman when it comes to trading punches was Erik Morales.


    ark Reply:

    You’re right.

    And it seems Morales wants to retire from boxing and wants to fight with Pacquiao for the 4th time.


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  16. kupal Says:

    Ayaw kac lumaban ni clottey kaya boring ang laban. Baka pag si gayweather na ang kalaban ni pacquiao ganito din ang kalalabasan, boring din. Puro depensa lang din kasi si gaywethaer eh.


    ark Reply:

    Oo nga. Ang sabi nga ng marami eh ito ang Pacquiao-Clottey fight eh preview ng mangyayari sa Pacquiao-Mayweather fight pag natuloy un.


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  22. Pacquiao Vs Margarito Fight Says:

    yeah. Nothing can beat the Filipino Ring Icon. I think Mayweather is scared to Pacquiao. The Next is Antonio Margarito.


  23. Benito Attig Says:

    Is Freddy Roach really that good? Did he ever train a beginner to become a world champ?


  24. echo Says:

    Pa share naman ng link kong saan maka download ng laban pacqiuao vs clottey


  25. jangdables Says:

    Poor Clottey, Next is Mosley


  26. Cisco CCNA Tutorial Exam Guide Says:

    Go Manny!


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