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The Hurt Locker, The War Movie That Beat Avatar

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The movie The Hurt Locker came out as the biggest winner at the 82nd Academy Awards as it won in six categories out of nine it was nominated in. It got the award for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Film Editing.

It beat Avatar and others for the Best Picture Award and its director Kathryn Bigelow becomes the first woman to win the an Oscar Award for Best Director.

The movie was actually released theatrically in Italy in 2008, when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival. It was released in the United States on June 26, 2009 but was not really a commercial success.

It only entered the mainstream consciousness as people become curiouser and curiouser (as Alice in Wonderland quotes it) about the movie following its string of awards and honors from critics’ organizations, festivals and groups.

The Hurt Locker is a 2009 American war film which follows a United States Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team during the Iraq War. It stars Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, and Brian Geraghty as members of a U.S. Army EOD unit in Iraq and follows their tour together as they contend with defusing bombs, the threat of insurgency, and the tension that develops among them.

The title is a colloquialism for being injured in an explosion, as in “they sent him to the hurt locker”, or for “a place of ultimate pain”. It dates back to the Vietnam War, where it was one of several phrases meaning “in trouble or at a disadvantage; in bad shape.”

The screenplay was written by Mark Boal, a freelance writer who was embedded as a journalist in 2004 with a US bomb squad in Iraq. The film was shot in Jordan, within miles of the Iraqi border.

SYNOPSIS (from Wikipedia):

During the early stages of the post-invasion period in Iraq in 2004, Sergeant First Class William James, a battle-tested veteran, becomes the team leader of a U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit, replacing Staff Sergeant Thompson, who was killed by a radio-controlled 155mm improvised explosive device (IED) in Baghdad. He joins Sergeant J.T. Sanborn and Specialist Owen Eldridge, whose jobs are to communicate with their team leader via radio inside his bombsuit, and provide him with rifle cover while he examines IEDs. During their missions of disarming IEDs and engaging insurgents together, James’s unorthodox methods lead Sanborn and Eldridge to consider him reckless. Tensions mount between James and the other two team members. During a raid on a warehouse, James discovers the dead body of a young boy who has been surgically implanted with an unexploded bomb. James believes it to be “Beckham”, a young Iraqi merchant he had previously befriended.

As the EOD team tracks down and kills two insurgents, Eldridge is accidentally shot in the leg. The next morning, James is approached by Beckham. The young boy tries to converse with James, who walks by without saying a word. Being airlifted for surgery, Eldridge blames James for his injury, referring to Sanborn’s suggestion that the mission, which James had ordered, would be better suited for an infantry platoon.

After failing in a mission to remove and disarm a time-bomb strapped to an Iraqi civilian’s chest, Sanborn becomes emotional and confesses to James that he can no longer cope with the pressure of being in EOD, and he looks forward to finally leaving Iraq and starting a family. James returns home to his wife and child and is shown quietly performing the routine tasks of suburban civilian life. One night James confesses to his infant son that there is only one thing that he knows he loves. He is next seen back in Iraq, ready to serve another 365 days as an EOD team member with Delta Company.

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    I will just say that it’s the best war movie ever!!!


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