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2009-10 NBA Season | Amare Stoudemire Posterizes Anthony Tolliver

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In a game against the Golden State Warriors last March 23, Amare Stoudemire threw down a monster one-handed in your face dunk against Anthony Tolliver.

Stoudemire took a pass from team mate Jason Richardson and made the  NBA’s dunk of the year. Heck, it might even contend for dunk of the decade. I think this one is better than the one he gave Michael Olowokandi last December 20, 2002.

Even the broadcast commentators were awestrucked by the dunk as they uttered:

Amare Stoudemire elevates and detonates!

Are you kidding me?

Devastating dunk here in Oakland!

Maybe the top dunk of his career!

That was savage!

Watch the Amare Stoudemire dunk below and tell me what you think.

That dunk basically turned the tide in the Phoenix Suns’ favor as down by 3 points 122-119, Tolliver was called for the foul and Stoudemire made the succeeding free-throw for a three-point play that tied the game.

After the dunk, Stoudemire made two more baskets in the closing minutes as the Suns pulled away for a 133-131 victory giving them their 45th victory for the 2009-10 NBA season.

Anybody wants the new Amare Stoudemire poster?

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