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Lin Yu Chun Is No William Hung

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On April 11, 2009, Susan Boyle mesmerized the world with her performance in the reality TV programme, Britain’s Got Talent.

She was just plain looking. It seemed there was nothing special about her.

But when he took on stage to sing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables, the audience and judges were in awe with her powerful voice as she got standing ovations during and after her performance.

Within days, videos of that performance became viral as it spread all over the Internet giving Boyle instant worldwide recognition.

Last April 7, 2010, at Taiwan’s karaoke TV show Super Star Avenue, a  male short, fat contestant appeared on stage wearing bowl-cut hairstyle and a red bow tie.

Just as you thought he was going to sing “She Bangs” ala-Wiliam Hung (of American Idol fame, remember him?), he belted out the Dolly Parton classic, “I Will Always Love You” perfectly that you would think it was Whitney Houston singing on stage.

Well again, looks can be deceiving.

Watch out below Lin Yu Chun’s video singing “I Will Always Love You” at Taiwan’s karaoke TV show Super Star Avenue:

Lin Yu Chun, The Next Susan Boyle? The Taiwanese  Whitney Houston? Call it what you want except that he’s no William Hung.

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5 Responses to “Lin Yu Chun Is No William Hung”

  1. Winziph Says:

    sabi nga nila don’t judge the book by its cover, pero plus factor talaga yung may mga looks lalo na sa entertainment business.


    ark Reply:

    I agree. Sabi din nila, don’t judge him because he is not a book, hehe..


  2. Badz Maru Says:

    thank you lin yu chun for inspiring me, accompanying me in my solitude and made me feel i can move on… you broaden my music varieties and give me reason to sing songs I haven’t sang before.thank you for the new breath of fresh air…


  3. wani Says:

    Lin yu chun is so talented. I think there are many like him waiting out there t be discovered & ready to provide inspiration and amaze the rest of us.


  4. ianemv Says:

    Galing talaga :) kaya nga sa PGT di na raw sila nagju-judge agad sa look kasi Looks can be deceiving nga raw talaga..


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