Leonard Garcia vs Chan Sung Jung Video

The MMA Fight of the Decade

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Leonard Garcia vs Chan Sung Jung Video

They looked like drunken fighters swinging their fists wildly hoping that it connects.

The entire 3-round fight was full of knockdowns and submission attempts but in the end, the two survived a bloody battle that was awarded “Fight of the Night”.

Heck, it might as well be the Fight of the Decade.

Jung “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung’s WEC debut and first fight in the USA was a very memorable one as he fought toe-to-toe with WEC veteran Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia at the undercard for WEC 48: Aldo vs Faber on April 24, 2010 at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California, USA.

The judges gave the split-decision victory to Garcia (29-28 Garcia, 29-28 Jung and 29-28 Garcia) which was loudly booed by the crowd.

Garcia improves his record to 14 wins and 5 losses while Jung falls to 10 wins and 2 losses.

Each fighter received a $65,000 bonus after it was awarded “Fight of the Night”.

Afterwards, commentator Joe Rogan called it the Fight of the Decade.

Check out the Leonard Garcia vs Chan Sung Jung video below:

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6 Responses to “The MMA Fight of the Decade”

  1. WEC 48 Results | Says:

    […] Leonard Garcia vs Chan Sung Jung video […]

  2. WEC 48 Justin TV / Sopcast Channel | Says:

    […]Leonard Garcia vs Chan Sung Jung video >> one of the best MMA fights ever […]

  3. wow Says:

    these two fighters deserve credit. they gave their all


  4. Nick Says:

    He moves like a zombie, constantly staggering forward. He should’ve won.


  5. Huff Says:

    Great fight tainted by a lousy decision. Apparently swinging at the air counts more than landing and aggression. Lately MMA judging has been as bad as boxing. They need to give the judges monitors with live feeds because the angles they watch at clearly aren’t good enough.


  6. Jin Says:

    I believe Jung won.. judges fail


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