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Can Mosley Shut-Up Mayweather’s Loud Mouth?

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What happens when a 38-year old offensive boxer who others say is nearing the end of his career meets a 33-year old defensive boxer who is still at the peak of his career?

What happens when a slugger meets a counter-puncher?

Can “Pretty Boy” make “Sugar” finally quit the “Sweet Science”?

Will this be the first time that a perfect 40-0 record is tarnished with a loss?

These questions will be answered and we will know the results on May 1, 2010 when Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Shane Mosley clashes.

The two will meet in the main card of “Who R U Picking” to be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Stay tuned while we bring you the Mayweather vs Mosley results right after the match.



It seems Shane Mosley has no gas left in his tank as he failed to teach Floyd Mayweather, Jr. a lesson or two in humility.

Judges Adalaide Byrd and Dave Moretti had it 119-109, and Robert Hoyle, 118-110, all for Mayweathe.

Mayweather wins via Unanimous Decision!

Now, the only possible next opponent for him is Manny Pacquiao. Come on guys, make it happen please.

If you missed the LIVE stream, you can watch the  replay which will be offered after the event or the fight video and highlights.

You can also relieve the preparation of each fighter before the fight with the Mayweather-Mosley HBO 24/7 series.

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7 Responses to “Can Mosley Shut-Up Mayweather’s Loud Mouth?”

  1. BNP Says:

    congratulations for being NUMBER FIVE in this week’s Hall of Fame!! kudos!!


  2. ianemv Says:

    Hindi napatahimik ni Mosley si Mayweather 😉


  3. ianemv Says:

    May replay ka na ark? update ko sana blogpost ko hehe


  4. Roy Smith Says:

    Mosley’s age is obviously the difference here as in the later rounds, he seems already gasping for breath while Mayweather still looks fresh. I just dont know why Mosley did not push himslef more in the 3rd round after almost kncoking Mayweather down in the 2nd.


    ark Reply:

    He must have gassed himself out in the 2nd Round. That’s why in the next rounds, he has nothing more to show.

    I think what’s good in this fight is that Mosley has shown that when pressured, Mayweather can be vulnerable too. It’s just bad that he was not able to sustain it.

    Now with Pacquaio… 😀


    Roy Smith Reply:

    I see where you are getting at. Pacquiao is another story. Unlike Mosley, he seems not capable of tiring out and will just throw punches at Mayweather non-stop unitl the end. That will do well with the judges.


    ark Reply:

    Yes, Pacquiao is like the Tasmanian Devil that is unrelenting and never tires.


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