Iron Man 2 After Credits

Iron Man 2 After Credits Extra Scene

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If you stayed longer after watching Iron Man 2, you will see an extra scene after all the movie credits have been shown.

In the first Iron Man movie, Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) was shown in the end-credits trying to recruit Tony Starks for the Avengers.

SPOILER ALERT: Proceed with caution.

This time around, the Iron Man 2 after credits depicts an agent looking into a giant crater in the New Mexico desert. He then informs someone in his phone (presumably Nick Fury),

“Sir, we’ve found it.”

The camera pans to show Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir standing head-down in the center of the crater.

Some might call it an easter egg but I think it’s not.

That scene is intended to tell viewers that Nick Fury, Iron Man, Thor and other Marvel superheroes will team-up in the forthcoming film The Avengers, due for release in May 2012.

Yes, that’s actually a teaser scene.

You can also play these Iron Man games while waiting for that day to come.


UPDATE: Thor is already in the cinemas! Watch it online here!

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6 Responses to “Iron Man 2 After Credits Extra Scene”

  1. melardenio Says:

    yun pala yung hinahanap nila sa trends ngayun..


  2. ianemv Says:

    next year man daw maglabas ang Thor :) May din eh. tamang tama 2012 naman ang Avengers..


  3. Winziph Says:

    aba exciting yan ah, dapat kasi tinatapos ko yung mga credits hehehe : )


  4. Raven Says:

    was not able to watch this part, nagmadali kse kmeng lumabas eh. good thing I found it here :)


  5. ac Says:

    I thought it was Cloud at first, it looked like his sword, but Thor makes more sense. lol Didn’t think of Thor.


  6. Sparrow Says:

    can’t wait for Thor!


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