Shogun Knocks Out Machida!

UFC 113 | Shogun Knocks Out Machida!

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At the end of 5 rounds of their first encounter at UFC 104, when Mauricio “Shogun” Rua challenged Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida for his light-heavyweight championship crown; the fight was awarded by all three judges to Machida scoring it 48-47.

Shogun Knocks Out Machida video

That decision was met with controversy as many felt, Shogun should have won. However as proven time and again, in a close fight, it is the champion or the more known fighter that is usually awarded the win (see Couture vs Vera).

This is why UFC President Dana White always tells the fighters,

“Never leave it at the hand of the judges”.

In one of the most anticipated rematch in UFC history, Shogun was given another chance to slay The Dragon in the main event of UFC 113 last May 8, 2010 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

At 3:35 into the first round, Shogun landing an overarm right hand that dropped Machida. He immediately grounded and pounded the champion until he felt it was enough and quit punching seconds before referee Yves Lavigne jumped in to stop the fight.

This time around, Shogun Rua made sure the judges were not involved.

Check out the Machida vs Shogun 2 video.

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  1. Frank Says:

    Finally! Machida loses. I can’t wait for Rampage vs Evans.


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