Steve Nash Eye

2010 NBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals Round | Steve Nash the Cyclop

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Steve Nash Eye

It was an ugly sight to behold.

In the 3rd quarter of the Suns-Spurs conference semifinals series, a renegade Tim Duncan elbow hits Steve Nash’ right eye.

Immediately, Nash was taken out to the locker room as his eye required six stitches and a bandage was put on his eyebrow.

When he returned to play in the 4th quarter, his eye gradually shut more and more until it was swollen shut; in stark contrast to his bulging  left eye.

It’s like a scene from Twilight Zone!

He might have looked like a one-eyed Cyclop but that didn’t deter Nash from leading the Suns charge in the 4th quarter with Amare Stoudemire to outscore the Spurs 35-30.

The Suns have finally passed the Spurs’ test as they sweep their season series with San Antonio with a score of 107-101.

Check out the evolution of Steve Nash’ eye injury.

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