The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Episode 7

TUF 11 Episode 7: Coming for Blood

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Episode 7


Above the doors to the locker rooms for each fighter in the show, that’s what’s prominently written. Shogun made sure of that.

After a controversial decision in the Brad Tavares – James Hammortree match in Episode 3, another controversy ensued in the Nick Ring – Court McGee match in the previous episode.

One that left coach Liddell fuming when the win was awarded to Team Punishment fighter Nick Ring. He felt that there must be a need for a third round.

However, it was disappointing not to see Chuck break down a door.

The episode also shows us Kyacey Uscola not approving of Tito Ortiz’ training methods. After a sit down with his team, Ortiz gave Uscola some realizations saying that this might be a blessing in disguise.

In the dodge ball coaches’ challenge, Team Liddell beats Team Ortiz 3-0 and wins $10,000 with each of their fighters getting $1,000.

In the Ortiz training session, Hammortree was sent to the hospital in a stretcher after Kris McCray slammed him to the mat that made him cry out in pain. Hammortree is one of the favorites for the wild card spot, but a slipped disc injury may have caused him that.

In the next episode, watch out for the final preliminary fight, Seth Baczynski vs Joseph Henle. The wild card matchup is also announced.

Watch it here in The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Episode 7.

TUF s11e07 titled Coming for Blood will be shown at Spike TV on May 12, 2010.

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