The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Episode 8

TUF 11 Episode 8: Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Episode 8

We take off with an excerpt of last week’s episode showing Nick Ring’s fight against Court McGee.

Afterwards, coach Tito Ortiz and some of the other fighters said that Ring is not giving his 100%.

When Ring’s knee gave out on training, we found out the answer. He’s had knee surgeries in the past and his injury is re0curring but wants to keep it quiet for fear that the others will know of his weakness.

Then in the final preliminary fight between Seth Baczynski and Joseph Henle, Baczynski wins via unanimous decision as Henle gassed out in the 3rd and final round.

And finally, the wild card entries are announced. Dana White tells the assembly that they go to Kyacey Uscola and Kris McCray, both Team Punishment fighters.

Due to an injury suffered by Rich Attonito in his fight with Kyacey Uscola at episode 4, his spot was given  to Court McGee.

Of course, some fighters who felt that they should be the ones picked immediately aired their side in the interviews particularly James Hammortree and Joseph Henle.

Now that the wild card is set, we will see teammates Uscola and McCray clash against each other. How will they train? How will Tito train both of them?

The quarterfinal matches will also be announced. And we are in for another surprise as another fighter stages a comeback.

All of these coming in The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Episode 8.

TUF s11e08 titled Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed will be shown at Spike TV on May 19, 2010.

Here’s the TUF 11 Episode 8 video:

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