Lost The End Season 6 Finale

Lost Season 6 Finale: The End

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Lost The End Season 6 Finale

After six seasons spanning almost six years and 121 episodes, one of the most critically acclaimed and most successful television series in US history is coming to an end.

Lost will air with its series finale on May 23, 2010. The finale will run two-and-a-half hours.

Lost follows the lives of the fictional September 22, 2004 plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, after a commercial passenger jet (the Oceanic Airlines Flight 815) flying between Sydney  and Los Angeles crashes somewhere in the South Pacific.

The sixth and final season follows two timelines, each an outcome of the detonation of a hydrogen bomb in the previous season finale. In the first timeline, referred to as “flash sideways”, Oceanic Flight 815 never crashes. In the second, the survivors return to the present day and must deal with the death of Jacob, whose death has been orchestrated by the mysterious Man in Black, the Smoke Monster.

The battle lines are drawn as Locke puts his plan into action, which could finally liberate him from the island.

What will happen in the Lost series finale?

Will our questions on the mysteries of the island finally be solved?

Or will this spawn more riddles?

Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 17 and 18 videos below:

Lost s0617 and 18 aptly titled “The End” was aired on May 23, 2010.

Here’s the Lost Season 6 Episode 17 – The End Part 1:

Here’s the Lost Season 6 Episode 18 – The End Part 2:

What do you think of the Lost series Finale?

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