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Miguel Cotto Stops Yuri Foreman via 9th Round TKO

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miguel cotto vs yuri foreman video

Last November 14, 2009, Miguel Cotto earned the dubious distinction of giving Manny Pacquiao his record-breaking seventh title in as many divisions when Pacquiao beat him to a pulp before succumbing in the 12th round and surrendering the WBO welterweight championship.

Looking to bounce back from that defeat, Cotto is on the road back to prominence.

On June 5, 2010, he moves up in weight to the Junior Middleweight division to challenge Israeli Yuri Foreman for his WBA Super Welterweight title.

The boxing event is titled “Slugfest at the Stadium” as it will be held at the new Yankee Stadium in New York City, New York, USA. It will not begin until 11:15 PM ET because Foreman is an Orthodox Jew who can’t even travel to the arena until after sunset.

It will be the first fight at a Yankee Stadium since Muhammad Ali beat Ken Norton in 1976.

It was boxing promoter Bob Arum’s idea to bring the fight to the masses as far too often, fights held in casinos are priced out of range of the rank-and-file boxing fan. Tickets to fights in casinos most often go to wealthy gamblers who are there as much for the spectacle as they are for the fight.

Last March 13, 2010, Arum staged the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight at the massive Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas that attracted more than 51,000 fans.

Yuri Foreman (28 wins-0 losses, 8 KOs) is an undefeated boxer who became Israel’s first world boxing champion when he defeated Daniel Santos by a 12-round unanimous decision to become the new WBA Super Welterweight champion last November in the undercard for the Pacquiao vs Cotto bout.

Against Cotto (34 wins-2 losses, 27 KOs), he will be defending his title for the first time and in a main event at that; also his first.

In Cotto, he will be facing his toughest opponent yet as Cotto is the former WBO welterweight champion and his only losses were to Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito; both top-caliber boxers.

My fight results prediction?

While Foreman might be the champ, I see an edge for Cotto as Foreman has not fought anywhere near the same caliber of competition that Cotto has faced.

However, Cotto has the tendency to be cut easily while Foreman has never been damaged in the ring.

Cotto is a powerful slugger while Foreman is a technical boxer who uses his skills to compensate for his lack of power. Foreman is also 4 inches taller and will use his long jabs to keep Cotto at bay.

I predict a TKO win for Miguel Cotto in the 6th Round.


UPDATE June 5, 2010: Yuri Foreman lost his WBA Super Welterweight title to Miguel Cotto via 9th Round TKO. My prediction was close.

Here’s the Miguel Cotto vs Yuri Foreman video:

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Check out the Miguel Cotto vs Yuri Foreman replay highlights.

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