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Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Toys | Shrek 4: Forever After Second Set

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After making a post on the Shrek Mcdonald’s Happy Meal toys featuring characters from Shrek 4: Forever After, I found out that there’s a second wave of Shrek action figures coming.

After eating lots of Happy Meal again (the Chicken McNuggets is my favorite), we were able to complete the second set in no time at all.

There are six limited edition toys to collect with different poses and uttered phrases from the first wave. Brogan and Little Wooden Puppet (or Pinocchio) are replaced by Dragon which I think is way cooler.

Shrek Mcdonald's Toys

Here’s what each character says: (please help, I can’t seem to understand some of them)


“To my little woman – aahh, burp.”


“I don’t know you”


Princess Fiona

“I’m going to save my ogre.”

Puss in Boots







Watch Shrek 4 online free if you haven’t yet. The movie is a box-office success as it has already earned more than $218 million as of June 3, 2010.

In a related news, McDonald’s USA announced yesterday that it is recalling 12 million Shrek-themed glasses sold exclusively by the fast-food giant from May through June. It turns out that the cartoon designs on the $2 glasses contain cadmium, a toxic chemical associated with industrial metal processing. CS Monitor

Sad. I just hope that these action figures released exclusively here in the Philippines don’t contain cadmium.

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11 Responses to “Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Toys | Shrek 4: Forever After Second Set”

  1. rockfield Says:

    Donkey: I among you, with favor…

    princees fiona: i’m going to save my ogre, my hero…

    gingy: lalalala lala lala, thanks muffin man…

    dragon:roar, oh yeah…

    puss i dont know what he’s saying also shrek the 1st phrase is hard to understand its not clear


    ark Reply:

    Cool. Thanks for the help.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    very nice! I have that also, i’m a HAPPY MEAL addict and a fan also since I was young.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    puss in boots: i have gone soft!


    rockfield Reply:

    what is the 2nd phrase?


  4. rocfield Says:

    niw i know what shrek and puss says…

    shrek: my little man,,,,ahhhhh,burp

    puss in boots:it feels so alive, i have gone soft..


  5. retaard Says:

    shrek: to my little man, URAAAAAAH, burp.


  6. cooo Says:

    puss in boots 2nd phrase (sounds like….
    i’m being polite?
    or fb for life!





  8. shonapona Says:

    Shrek… my little man… arrgh burp

    My mum thinks its…my little woman … but defo little man


  9. TikTakLover Says:

    actually, i think shrek’s toy said ” My Little Man”


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