Jamie Yager vs Rich Attonito Video

TUF 11 Finale | Jamie Yager ‘Got Rocked’

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Jamie Yager vs Rich Attonito video

With his flamboyant style and loud mouth, Jamie Yager earned distinction as the heel of the 11th season of the reality show The Ultimate Fighter.

Coming off two quick knockout wins, Yager started to become boastful and in a short time, he became the most hated man in the TUF house.

After Josh Bryant made him quit in their quarterfinals match (Episode 10), you would think that he will come down to earth.

But no, watch Episode 11 and Episode 12 and you’ll see his clashes with housemates prompting most of them to beg Dana White to give him the chance of beating Yager’s ass at the season finale on June 19, 2010, at the Pearl at the Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

After breaking his hand at Episode 4, Rich Attonito returns to represent Yager haters.

Coming out strong at the opening bell, Yager launched an onslaught that repeatedly staggered Attonito.

Attonito survived and when Yager started to fade in the last minutes and already dropping his hands, Attonito took advantage.

He tagged Yager with combination counter punches in the second round and when the fight went to the ground, he pounded him repeatedly and the referee had no choice but to stop the fight with 35 seconds left in the second round.

Yes, Yager ‘got rocked’…

… for the second time.


I will post shortly the Jamie Yager vs Rich Attonito video:

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