Eclipse Training and Fight Scenes

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse | Training and Fight Scenes

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Eclipse training and fight scenes

Because of it’s lack of fight scenes, I was actually disappointed with the first two movies in The Twilight Saga: Twilight and New Moon.

Yes, there were actually fight scenes but they were pretty lame.

I was expecting more of the Blade and Underworld kind.

My most favorite part of Twilight was the baseball scene but of course, it was not a fight scene.

In Eclipse, finally there’s one that satisfied me.

Although the tent scene is already becoming the most talked about part of Eclipse and maybe of the entire The Twilight Saga, I was more drawn to the fight scene between the Cullens/Quileute werewolves and Victoria’s army of newborns led by Riley Biers.

It started with Jasper Cullen giving training to his family and Jacob’s pack on how to defeat the newborns.

The part where the army arises from the water gave me chills.

Working as a team, the vampires and werewolves of Forks were able to eliminate the newborns.

The final Eclipse fight scene between Edward and Victoria

Considering that the next movie in the series, Breaking Dawn details Edward and Bella’s marriage and their newborn child, I think Eclipse’s fight scene will be the last one we will see.

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2 Responses to “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse | Training and Fight Scenes”

  1. abigail Says:

    aha, parang papanoorin ko na rin to. part 1 and 2 were sooo dragging…(sorry fanatics)


    ark Reply:

    Ako pinanood ko ung Twilight at New Moon para lang di ako mabehind, hehe.. Sabi ng mga producers, Eclipse is the most guy-friendly in the series. Glad they didn’y disappoint.


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