2010 NBA Free-Agent Signings, Lebron James Joins Miami Heat!

2010 NBA Free-Agent Signings | Lebron James to Miami Heat

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Lebron James to Miami Heat

Lebron James has finally made the decision.

In a one-hour TV special on ESPN titled “The Decision” last July 8 at 9:00 PM, Lebron has announced that he will be joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to play for the Miami Heat starting next season.

Thus ending weeks of speculation and leaving a heart broken city of Cleveland in its wake.

No amount of singing and doing what it takes from the Cleveland citizens have convinced Lebron to stay.

Somehow, we know that he’s not staying.

At his acceptance speech for his second consecutive NBA Most Valuable Player award, The King says:

“Akron, Ohio is my home. Akron, Ohio will always be remembered. Akron, Ohio is my life and I love this city. This is home for me. I love this place to death. Every day I wake up I understand that I’m not just carrying myself but I’m also carrying this city to bigger and better heights. No matter where life may head me, I’m never gone from here.”

After playing for seven seasons without winning any championship for the team that drafted him as the first pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, Lebron decided to bail out with the Cavaliers.

Being courted by the New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers, as well as his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron went for the best team that offers him the best chance to finally win a ring – the Miami Heat.

After all, the team already has superstar Dwyane Wade in its roster. Adding Chris Bosh certainly made the decision easy for The King.

The three were members of the vaunted NBA Draft Class of 2003 where James, Bosh and Wade were picked 1st, 4th and 5th respectively.

Together, they form one of the best trios in NBA history

… on paper at least.

The Summer of Lebron has ended.

We can now get back to our daily routine.

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11 Responses to “2010 NBA Free-Agent Signings | Lebron James to Miami Heat”

  1. Map Says:

    What the hell? Le Bron James in Miami? This sucks.


    ark Reply:

    Shocking really. However, we can’t blame Lebron if he switched teams. He must have come to the conclusion that he can’t win a championship all by himself.


  2. Mao Says:

    let’s see if they can beat the lakers! I think they are not compatible, both of them are ball hogs! they can’t even shoot the three consistently..


    ark Reply:

    I don’t think they are ball hogs. Lebron is the best passing forward in the game. Wade and Bosh are one of the better passers in their respective positions.

    I admit that they’re not good three-point shooters though. But the game is not all about three-pointers. Let’s see if they would be willing to defer to each other. Team chemistry is a critical factor on this one.


  3. fruity oaty Says:

    As a fan from Toronto, I’m sad to see Chris Bosh go… Well… just a bit.


  4. Calvin Says:

    good trio but still not enough to win a championship. they can’t beat the lakers on their own. James should’ve stayed with the Cavs or went with the Bulls.


    ark Reply:

    Can’t beat the Lakers on their own? Could be.

    But with all three of them against the Lakers? Possibly.


  5. Winziph Says:

    weeeeeeeeee sa tingin ko may chance ng makaabot si lebron sa finals, can’t wait for next year lol


  6. kryss siddayao Says:

    i will always be an avid fan of shaq and lebron!!!!!!!!!ill be supporting the cavs and the heat!!!there will be many speculations turning into reality and im so damn itchy to find it out!


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