2010 ESPYs Nominees Best Male Athlete

Kobe and Lebron, Nominated for 2010 ESPY Best Male Athlete Award

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Kobe Bryant and Lebron James

Who’s better? Kobe Bryant or Lebron James?

For the second straight year, the two basketball demigods are nominated in the ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards for the Best Male Athlete category.

The ESPYs is the equivalent of the film industry’s Oscar Awards and the music industry’s Grammy Awards. It is an annual sports event created by TV network ESPN honoring various individuals and teams for their achievements.

ESPYs Best Male Athlete award is presented to the male sportsperson, irrespective of nationality or sport contested, adjudged to be the most outstanding.

The winners are ultimately decided through online voting by fans.

Super Bowl XXIV MVP Drew Brees, MLB NL MVP Albert Pujols and NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson round up the list of nominees.

Lebron James was nominated after getting his second consecutive NBA Most Valuable Player award while Kobe Bryant after getting his second consecutive NBA championship ring (fifth overall) and second consecutive NBA Finals MVP Award.

While Lebron might have won last year’s edition, he might have lost some supporters this time for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. His decision drew criticisms from many who fell that the best player does not leave his team to go play on another player’s team.

On a side note, check out Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert’s open letter to Cleveland citizens.

Kobe’s team and coach, the Los Angeles Lakers and Phil Jackson were also nominated in the Best Team and Best Coach categories after the LA Lakers reign supreme in the 2010 NBA Finals.

The 2010 ESPY Awards is on July 14, 9 PM at the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles California. It will be hosted by Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers.


UPDATE: The ESPYs has wrapped up!

Sorry basketball fans, neither of the two was adjudged the best this year.

Drew Brees of the NFL is named the Best Male Athlete.

Check out the complete list of winners.

Check out the ESPY Awards 2010 replay highlights.

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7 Responses to “Kobe and Lebron, Nominated for 2010 ESPY Best Male Athlete Award”

  1. FluppyBunny Says:

    If the nominee is between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, then Kobe will win. It doesn’t matter if you are the MVP for consecutive years. All it matters is who wins the NBA championship. How would you be the best if you couldn’t win the championship. If LeBron wins, I don’t know what people are thinking but I doubt that he’s not going to win at all.


    ark Reply:

    That’s what I’m also thinking.

    Personally, I would want 1 NBA championship than 10 MVP awards.


    FluppyBunny Reply:

    Absolutely, being the MVP for the regular season does not matter. All it matter is that who win the NBA championship. I’m just saying. :)


    koppie Reply:

    I think Kobe is more like a leader than LeBron


  2. dms27 Says:

    Both players are really good. But Kobe has more edge because he won the Championship, back to back. Lebron is just about an inch behind him, why? because his the back to back MVP. 😀


    FluppyBunny Reply:

    I don’t think LeBron is an inch from Kobe. There are a lot of difference between winning regular MVP and Finals MVP.


  3. koppie Says:

    Absolutely,i support Kobe Bryant!!i’m proud of him!he‘s my idol


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