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Who is Salt?

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Salt Online Free Megavideo

Just  by looking at the movie poster, I can’t help to think that this movie is an Alias wannabe.

Like Jennifer Garner, Angeline Jolie is wearing a wig too.

As a fan of the TV franchise, I’m curious on how Jolie can give justice to being a Russian spy.

Or is she really one? I’m sure this movie will have twists and turns.

I would love to see what gadgets Salt uses to avoid detection and escape from harm.

Sigh, I miss Marshall Flinkman already.

Salt also stars Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Andre Braugher.


As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt swore an oath to duty, honor and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Salt’s efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the truth behind her identity continues and the question remains: “Who is Salt?”

To watch Salt online free megavideo, click the PLAY button above.

Salt is directed by Phillip Noyce and produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura with a budget of $100 million.

Salt was released in North America on July 23, 2010, and to be released on August 20, 2010 in the United Kingdom.

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4 Responses to “Who is Salt?”

  1. melardenio Says:

    wala naman link ah..hahahhahaha


    ark Reply:

    Kaya nga to be updated eh. Ikaw talaga. Come back here after 3 days at sigurado may video na ako.


  2. James Moralde Says:

    Ah, you mention Marshall J. Flinkman. This guy plays the gadget man with an over abundance of intelligence (and chin). He reminds me of Dr. McKay of Stargate Atlantis.


    ark Reply:

    Haha, you hit it right on the spot bro.


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