Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito Fight Set on November 13!

Pacquiao Faces Margarito Instead of Cotto on November 13!

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After negotiations for the Pacquiao vs Mayweather megafight failed again, promoter Bob Arum said today that Manny Pacquiao’s next fight is against a disgraced Mexican to be held on November 13, 2010.

Suspended for a year by the California State Athletic Commission in February 2009 after his hand wraps were found to contain a mixture for “Plaster of Paris” prior to his bout with Shane Mosley, former IBF and WBO Welterweight champion Antonio Margarito is designated to fill-in Mayweather’s slot.

Miguel Cotto whom Pacman already gobbled up last November 14, 2009 was the other option for Pacquiao but Arum has this to say,

“Cotto was beaten and even with [Hall of Fame trainer] Emanuel Steward now with him, I don’t think people believe that it’s enough to make a difference and I’m not sure they would buy it as competitive.

But putting aside the controversy about the wraps, the one thing you know for sure with a Margarito fight is that it will be a hell of a fight for however long it lasts.

Margarito knows only one way to fight and that’s coming forward. They’re going to get in there and fight. That’s what people want to see.”

Margarito, 32 has a 38-6 record with 27 KOs. He towers over Pacquiao by 4 1/2 inches at 5-11 and has a huge six-inch advantage in reach. Margarito’s wingspan is 73 inches compared to Pacquiao’s 67.

In his first fight back after being suspended last May 8, 2010, “Tijuana’s Tornado” defeated fellow Mexican Roberto Garcia via unanimous decision in the main event for Latin Fury 14.

With the win, Margarito has captured the vacant international WBC light middleweight championship. That title will be on the line against Pacquiao.

If Pacquiao defeats Margarito, he cements his status as one of the greatest boxers ever by winning an unprecedented eight championship titles in as many divisions.

The “Mexicutioner” will also add Margarito to the long list of Mexicans he has dominated over the years which includes Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez, Oscar Larios, Jorge Solis and Hector Velazquez.

Fight night is on November 13, 2010 LIVE from the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA.


UPDATE November 15, 2010: For twelve dominating rounds, Manny Pacquiao calms down the Tijuana Tornado and beats Antonio Margarito’s face to a pulp!

Check out the fight video and highlights.

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4 Responses to “Pacquiao Faces Margarito Instead of Cotto on November 13!”

  1. Pacquiao vs Margarito Says:

    Manny vs Antonio this is a great challenge for the both of them. Both are at the peaks of their career. Antonio is good, but Manny has already proven that he is unbeatable, fearless, skillful and a great giant killer. Antonio is the last great Mexican world champion standing. When Manny beats Margarito like other great Mexican champions, he will be considered the best in the world. With this fight there is no question that Manny will shatter Oscars vs Floyd’s record ppv of 2.44 million. Its time to shock the world again. I would think that Pacquiao would take early rounds with his speed and proven ability to get inside bigger men with footwork and head movement. However Pacquiao has been hurt by fighters with far less power than Margarito like Juan Manuel Marquez and eventually Manny would slow down or Antonio would catch him and overwhelm the smaller man. I haven’t seen margarito fights but If he’s that good. I don’t think pacman will back down a fight against margarito. Pacquiao is the kind of fighter who likes to fight stronger opponents. He likes to be the underdog. Just like when he first fought barrera when he (barrera) was on his prime (2003).The challenge like this will make pacman more excited more motivated to train harder to become the best boxer that he can be.


  2. Pacquiao vs Margarito Says:

    Could well be fight of the year, so far Pacquiao has shown he has never been afraid to stand toe to toe with every fighter he has faced.

    Could he do this with a man of Margaritto stature.

    That alone will be something to behold, small 5’6 guy fighting a 5’11 guy outweighing him by over a stone but the little guy is not just out boxing him he overpowering him, standing there and trading and making Marg take the backward steps and folding under the pressure.

    Pacquiao is too goo for his own good, if Juan Diaz said he was going to take on Margaritto people would say it was a mammoth task and Diaz could well take a beating. This is the same Diaz who the same people say Pacquiao ducked.

    This is going to be Pacquiao toughest fight and the Pacquiao vs Margarito could be FOTY


  3. Pacquiao Vs Margarito Says:

    I am hoping that after the fight of Pacquiao and Margarito. Pacquiao and Mayweather will be the next… I think if Pacquiao and Mayweather will be the very very most wanter fight and it should satisfy the eager of the world about this two ring warriors. So much for that Pacquiao and Margarito will be a great fight also…Best wishes to all…


  4. Sanivi Says:

    Now time has changed. Pacquiao vs Margarito this is a real fight! Both aggressive guys, both have different styles, and both have power to finish fights.


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