2010 NBA Free-Agency Rumor, Shaq to Celtics?

2010 NBA Free-Agency Rumor | Shaq to Celtics?

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In the 2010 NBA free-agency market that came to be known as the Summer of Lebron, Shaquille O’Neal of the Cleveland Cavaliers is the biggest name; literally and figuratively, from the 2010 NBA free agent class that is yet to be signed by an NBA team.

It’s because Shaq is struggling to find an NBA team that can guarantee him playing time, the money he wants and a chance to get even with Kobe’s five championship rings.

Earlier rumors point to him joining Tim Duncan with the San Antonio Spurs or the Three Kings with the Miami Heat. The strongest buzz was generated for the Atlanta Hawks but all of them were just dismissed as rumors.

Shaq also denied that he will play internationally saying that he would rather retire.

Today, Shaq is reportedly close to joining the Boston Celtics.

Due to an injury suffered in Game 6 of the 2010 NBA Finals, the Celtics’s starting center Kendrick Perkins is expected to miss at least half the season that’s why the team is eager to look for a big man.

Earlier last month, the team has already signed Jermaine O’Neal for a two-year deal worth the full midlevel exception.

If ever this rumor comes true, then the Celtics will have two O’Neals.

Now, I wonder what will Shaq call himself this time.

The Big Leprechaun?

Shaq gets to wear the Celtics green so he might as well be Shrek.


UPDATE August 5, 2010: Shaq’s new nickname would be The Big Shamrock!

He signed with the Boston Celtics today for a veteran minimum contract of $2.8 million for two years.

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