Shaq is Now The Big Shamrock!

Shaq is Now The Big Shamrock!

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Shaquille O’Neal has a new nickname!

No, it’s not The Big Leprechaun.

Shaq The Big Shamrock!

It’s The Big Shamrock!

At least that’s what the Boston Celtic’s web site says after signing Shaq to a veteran minimum contract of $2.8 million for two years.

So, will Shaq become a good luck charm to the Celtics after losing a hard-fought seven-game series with the LA Lakers in the 2010 NBA Finals?

This remains to be seen.

Shaq has a penchant for giving himself nicknames that start with Big (except Superman, of course).

While The Big Shamrock sounds pretty cool, I still like The Big Daddy.

A frontcourt pairing of The Big Daddy and The Big Baby would be awesome!

Now, someone gets to wipe Glen Davis’ mouth when he drools and spank him like KG does.

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6 Responses to “Shaq is Now The Big Shamrock!”

  1. Anonymous Says:



  2. cain Says:

    shaq now becomes the “Big Journeyman”… i bet he will end his career somewhere other than the boston celtics…


    ark Reply:

    I hope not. But I think I read somewhere that he wants to end is career in Orlando where it all began. Shaq and Dwight Howard, the two Supermen joining forces together?

    That’s intriguing.


  3. shaq Says:

    The Big Daddy and The Big Baby? I like the way it sounds. Cant wait now to see the start of the season.


  4. melardenio Says:

    pag indi pa din nanalo yan ewan ko na lang.. GO celtics na ulit


    ark Reply:

    Mas mahirap na ang road to the finals ngayon. Kailangan muna nilang harapin ang Miami Thrice, a stronger Chicago Bulls and a stronger Dwight Howard.


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