Shaq VS Season 2 Episode 3

Shaq vs Rachael Ray / Tyson Gay

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Shaq VS Season 2 Episode 2 Shaq vs. Rachael Ray; Shaq vs. Tyson Gay

In the previous episode, Shaq attempted some hocus-pocus with magicians Penn and Teller.

In the Magic Trick Competition, Shaq got Teller as his partner. However, Shaq messed up with the routine and Penn wins the challenge.

Then off to the boxing match challenge he offered to Shane Mosley which was reminiscent of last season’s challenge with Oscar dela Hoya.

The handicaps for the match were: rounds will be only 2 minutes (instead of 3), rest period will be 90 seconds (instead of 60), five rounds with the last round will only be one minute, Shaq gets to wear a lighter glove and 20 foot ring (instead of 16 foot ring) which gives Mosley room to move around.

After 5 rounds, Shane Mosley wins via Unanimous Decision with all three judges scoring it 48 to 47.

In the next episode, Shaq goes shopping with Rachael Ray in New York City, where they pick up ingredients for a burger cook-off. Also: the big man gets help from Dwight Howard, Chris Johnson and DeSean Jackson in a 200-meter relay race against sprinter Tyson Gay in Los Angeles.

Check out what happens in the Shaq VS Season 2 Episode 3 video below:

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3 Responses to “Shaq vs Rachael Ray / Tyson Gay”

  1. cain Says:

    finally,,, shaq wins a challenge.. but with him already half of the track ahead of tyson gay,theres no way he could have lost


  2. sports Says:

    I couldn’t watch the video?


    ark Reply:

    Hmm, it’s working fine with me. I suggest you refresh the page.


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