Manila Hostage Taking Souvenir Pictures, Flash Game and Hitler's Reaction

Manila Hostage Crisis Souvenir Pictures, Flash Game and Hitler’s Reaction

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Whenever there’s a big fire or a road accident or a similar incident, we Filipinos usually flock to where the commotion is.

In local lingo, we are “usisero”.

I don’t know why but it’s just in our nature to be curious of what’s happening around us.

With the hostage taking crisis yesterday at the Quirino Grandstand, many were at the scene risking their lives just to have a first-hand account of how the hostage drama will unfold before their eyes. At least one bystander was even hit by a stray bullet. This prompted a Philippine senator to file an “anti-usisero” bill.

Today, another Filipino trait came out: insensitivity.

Proof? Check out the pictures below.

Manila Hostage Taking insensitive pictures Manila Hostage Taking insensitive pictures (1) Manila Hostage Taking insensitive pictures (2) Manila Hostage Taking insensitive pictures (3)

These people (and police at that!) have their pictures taken with the hostage bus as the background. Probably, they’re going to post them on their facebook accounts and tag their friends with a caption that reads, “Hey, I was there!”.

If that’s not insensitive, I don’t know what is.

Another Pinoy who goes by the user name “keybol” also created and uploaded to gaming site Newgrounds a Flash game just three hours after the crisis has ended.

In the game titled “Bus Hostage by Policeman“, you get to “shoot the amok policeman hostaging a bus full of Asian hostages” in one minute.

Of course, this was met with widespread criticism as well. It should be noted that the two highest scores were established by two separate people based in Hongkong.

The Manila hostage taking incident even drew the ire of Hitler.


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17 Responses to “Manila Hostage Crisis Souvenir Pictures, Flash Game and Hitler’s Reaction”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    SWAT’s New Meaning: Sorry We Aren’t Trained.


  2. nomad Says:

    ganun talaga tayo mga pinoy mga usiser at mahilig magpapicture-picture kahit saan


  3. Winziph Says:

    ewan ko ba…


  4. dirty dude Says:

    may mga katangahan din sila, magkanu lang ba kung ireinstate sha kesa sa 8 buhay na nawala. mga ingot kadalasan ang pinoy.


    ark Reply:

    Pwede rin nila sabihin na irereinstate siya pag sumuko at pag sumuko na eh saka huhulihin. Psy-war ba.


  5. Anj Says:

    kakahiya talaga! Sablay na nga sa operation nagpa.picture pa kinabukasan.Maryosep! Hindi na ba tlga titinu ang mga pinoy?! Hindi tourist spot yang bus noh?! Mahiya nmn kayo..Sobra sobra ng kahihiyan ang natatanggap ng bansa natin. Kaya kahit sobrang panlalait na ng buong mundo sa pinoy ngaun wala tayong karapatan sumagot at makipagtalo sa kanila kasi kasalanan natin “We should learn how to UNDERSTAND this time”. Mas mabuti na ung manahimik na lang tayo dba?!Wag na sanang palalain pa to. Kya natin to PINOY!


  6. 21inch Says:

    hindi nyo ba alam na ang ground zero sa new york, ang gas chambers ng mga jews nung world war 2, etc. at tourist attraction na? marami ang nagpapakuha ng mga litrato dun, ang iba nakangiti pa.

    ang nakikita nyo lang yung mga kababayan nyo.


    ark Reply:

    Di naman magandang tourist attraction ung nangyari eh. Malaking kahihiyan un sa bansa at lahi natin. Di dapat ipagmalaki.


  7. Jilu Filipino Says:

    Yep, nasa dugo na siguro yan sa mga pinoy yung “usisero”.

    I admit, isa na ako dyan, pang facebook ba at remembrance na nandoon ako attitude.


  8. enad Says:

    everyone is a victim of the situation. i felt pride when united to help the victims of ondoy. now i feel ashamed not because of how the authorities managed the hostage crisis but because of us pointing fingers.


  9. justme Says:

    It’s not a tourist spot guys!!! It’s The TOURIST YOU Shot!!!!


  10. Peter Paul Says:

    I don not know what this people are thinking but obviously they are do not have a small piece of respective in their mind and in their conscience. tsk tsk tsk


  11. dimaks Says:

    parang may patay lang yan, minsan nakukuha pa ng pinoy na mag-inuman at magsugal kesa magdasal.

    disgusting attitude.


    ark Reply:

    Oo nga. Nasanay na siguro tayo na may namamatayan, may naaksidente, may nadidisgrasya, may nabibiktima ng kalamidad kaya para lang normal na sa atin ang ganito at di na tayo masyadong affected.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    PNP-SWAT means




    MGA PULIS NA TANGA!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Ruki Says:

    This is really disgrace, kurakot na nga sila incompetent pa. Magaling lang silang manloko, mas masahol pa sa criminal. Dapat tinatapon na yang mga police na yan sa Emyerno.


  14. Valerie Says:

    Maybe they just doing it to show others that they are there while the hostage taking …we cannot blame them because filipinos ay mahilig mag picture picture kung saan saan..


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