Manila Hostage Taking Reenactment Video

Manila Hostage Taking Reenactment Animated Video

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WARNING: This video is not for the weak of heart.

Although it is animated, it shows a graphic depiction of how former policeman Rolando Mendoza MIGHT have killed his hostages in the recent hostage taking at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila, Philippines.

Check out the Manila hostage crisis reenactment video after the jump.

This animated video was created by Next Media Animation for Hong Kong Apple Daily.

Their disclaimer says,

“Even though we need forensic evidence in order to simulate the possible occurrences during the crime this is just a recreation of what happened,” “It is not 100% accurate and does not intend to mislead people”.

Base on initial investigations, none of the hostages were killed by “friendly-fire,” or bullets from the guns of the police assault team. The 59 spent shells recovered from inside the bus all came from the M-16 automatic rifle of Mendoza (Inquirer).

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2 Responses to “Manila Hostage Taking Reenactment Animated Video”

  1. Winziph Says:

    may they rest in peace.


  2. melardenio Says:

    its really saddening to see how each individuals suffer from a hand of a freak ex-police.


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