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Takers, Who’s Taking Who?

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Takers Online Free Megavideo

With an ensemble cast of its own, Takers is going to make a run for The Expendables at the box-office.

Although the movie’s cast are not as big as The Expendables, it’s not shabby either.

Starring Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, Chris Brown and Zoë Saldaña among others, Takers though is not a men-on-a-mission type of movie. Rather, it is a heist/caper movie along the line of Ocean’s Eleven and The Italian Job.

It’s also interesting to see how singer Chris Brown will fare in his first action movie.

Takers is directed by John Luessenhop and produced by William Packer for a budget of $32 million.



A group of five exceptional bank robbers have been able to successfully rob several banks with such perfect execution that the police do not have a single clue to capture them. These criminals treat each robbery as a business plan that works. First, they plan each job with clockwork precision and are extremely careful in not leaving any evidence behind. Second, they fence the money to get it clean. Third, they all lay low for one year between jobs to not bring any attention to themselves. They decide to pull off one last heist that will be their biggest score, by taking out an armored-car. Their meticulous planning of robbing banks is thrown out the window, because of the short time frame to do the job, and the large amount of cash they will split. This may be the break the police have been waiting for, when this band of thieves finally makes a mistake.

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Takers was released on theaters on August 27, 2010 worldwide by Screen Gems.

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